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Welcome to this dog worms and parasites page dedicated to the assisting of pet parents on the removing of parasites from their dog quickly, safely, and naturally.  Whether you have thought "my dog has worms" or not, this site will share the solution you seek



A short, animated video depicting the more common worms in dogs that can persue and ultimately "live" inside them  



You will notice fairly quickly as you navigate this site that it appears to be aiming primarily at heartworm infection, more so than general worms in dogs;


However note that every page that discusses heartworm eradication and how a select handful of herbal ingredients will assist in that matter, so will they for any other parasite a dog or cat can host. 

It just so happens to be that heartworms are ultimately the most dangerous worm type to manifest in a dog and are therefore the infection type that this site has dedicated its resources to help eliminate.

Any other parasite such as worms in dogs or ear mites in dogs or cats (demodex mites, walking dandruff, etc.) are far easier to successfully eliminate with the herbal remedies protocol that is advocated here and are in-fact brought together.  Prevention of such parasites is also made quite easy once your pet discovers natural remedy!

You will feel extremely confident and stress-free now in the level of gratification you will experience when you succeed at removing any worm type your pet has...with the most effective holistic remedy products the internet has to offer, found here in this site

 a group of dogs all bunched together and looking up to reader somewhat humorously. as if making reader determine which dog has worms

Feel free to explore how this site will assist in the matter of removing parasites quickly & naturally such as:

  • Hookworm
  • Roundworm (very common, especially in puppies)
  • Pinworm
  • Tapeworms, (which happens to be an extremely common dog worm and if your dog has worms at all, this would be the one to initially suspect)
  • Walking dandruff, (Cheyletiella Mites) 
  • Whip worm
  • Ear mites
  • Scabies (highly contagious and causes sarcoptic mange), probably the hardest of all parasites to erradicate due to their medication resistance via thier rapid life cycle
  • Demodex Canis mite (specific to dogs, also causes mange)
  • Any other type of Demodex mites that could persist (over 60 versions of this mite exist)
  • Giardia (are protozoa or one-celled organisms that live in the small intestine of dogs and cats)    and are also EXTREMELY common in dogs (very easy to remove)
  • Ticks and  
  • fleas  



This site offers the perfect holistic solution to the removal of mites, scabies, or worms in dogs. Here is why;


One of the significant things about natural parasite remedy is that it only takes a select handful of herbal ingredients combined to expel the gambit of canine parasite infections noted above.   To achieve perfect anti-parasitic daily living or treat against all worm types without natural remedy, dogs would have to ingest or topically apply to skin etc., nearly 55 different medications to achieve the same results.  That is an extremely unhealthy and quite expensive proposal to consider when there is a simple, proven, and guaranteed alternative to dog worms or mite elimination and/or prevention.  

Especially when those 55 meds contain over 300 acaricide/pesticide/insecticide type individual ingredients to make up the given final product that is "prescribed" to or recommended for your pet.  

The herbals recommended on the report page are the perfect resolve for your pets' parasite dilemma.  Regardless of which type(s) he/she may have.  

Please visit my about me page and also the heartworm treatment site home page to learn more about the research time that was spent in the selecting of these highly specialized herbal products tailored for canine use.

  • Browse the site,
  • Discover the alternatives,
  • Get your dog back on track utilizing natural holistic remedy!



Find out just how well the information here will help your dog and save you time, money, and minimize stress in the process.  Be sure to visit the report page to gain further explanation on the topic of various worm infections and to learn more on how to remove and defend against them naturally. 


If your dog has worms now, or you simply want to avoid the potential of your dog contracting any at all in the future, the perfectly-tailored-for-dogs products that you will learn about here shares your definitive answer.


Lets not just medicate our pet when he or she may contract a worm type, lets' defend against them for ever, and in a natural and always affordable capacity!







NOTE: The information on this page or any of the accompanying pages are not meant to diagnose or prescribe for you. The decision to use, or not to use, any information on this page or the following pages is the sole responsibility of the reader. Consult a qualified Veterinary care practitioner before taking any substance for medicinal purposes.