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My history with each ingredient and their removal success ..............  2

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The second ingredient for your pet to be heartworm free .................. 9

The third and final ingredient needed to end the heartworm ...........  11

The specialties of this amazing healer..............................................  12

Pregnancy, pups, larvae stages, & the mosquito’s involvement ......  14

Heartworms in a dog are merely just part of bigger problems .........  15

World-class secondary ingredients that exist in these products ......  16

     products, dosage schedules......................................................... 19

Reaping all of the many benefits now; success set in motion .........  25

An herb heralded as the newest super food – here is why ..............  26

A short list of today’s toxic treatment & prevention ingredients ......   27

Fun with Fleas; natural, absolute elimination for pennies a day......   28

As promised, here are some interesting facts about Mosquitos ......  33




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Heartworms in a dog are merely just part of bigger problems


At this point in reading it has become quite clear that it takes more than one given “silver bullet” herb, spice, or botanical to properly engage a heartworm infection.  We now understand that three primary items will work in synergistic concert to achieve the task.


And while already realizing the universal law that promises us that heartworms will ultimately stress a dog’s heart and lungs to the point of his death, we need to understand what is occurring to your pet’s internal systems from day one of infection leading up to such an incident. 

It’s not a pretty picture but fortunately for your pet, numerous health oriented afflictions are going to be halted and reversed with the advent of his or her new regimen!


A dog infected with parasites immediately takes on the burden of not only the parasite’s presence but of the waste that each leaves behind.  In the case of intestinal-type parasites, this equates to so many damaging effects that the parasite burden brings to a pet’s digestive system I can’t even begin to cover them. 

But it really comes down to lost nutrient resource and the parasite waste-and how it multiplies and begins to contaminate and poison the pet.  Skin issues, allergies, malignancies, additional parasites, diseases and more can begin to overrun a pet in this condition.


Same goes for heartworms but more so in the arterial and blood systems:

  • Micros are being processed by a now-taxed liver while it attempts the daily task of purifying the blood. 
  • Micros are also wasting constantly which stresses the liver further. 
  • Adolescent and adults waste exponentially and at higher levels than the micros as their numbers grow over the months of infection. 
  • The multitude of micros that the adults continue to birth compound the blood contamination to an all-time high never letting even a bit of relief in sight for the liver, kidneys, lungs & lymphatic systems, natural immune levels, etc.
  • The process brings physical damage to the arteries, lungs, liver, and certain channels and valves of the heart which all told can & will contribute to a dog’s untimely near-future (and quite miserable) death.


This is why every day counts when deciding how to address heartworm infection in a dog. We simply do not want our dogs to expire even one day less than what would be considered a full, robust, happy & healthy lifespan. 

So while we are attacking the heartworms in one capacity, we simultaneously clean up all internal function, and do so...correctly!!

Motivated to learn how we accomplish that?



 Pg 12




World-class secondary ingredients that exist in our products


Inclusive of the much needed           ,              , and         to remove said parasites, below are some of the best and most elite internal systems cleansers to be found.  Ingeniously created internal purifiers granted by Mother Nature herself that happen to be conveniently included into our selected products!


                        contains a three-tier flavonoid complex collectively called            .  If there has ever been a fairly popular herbal among “conventional” medicine practitioners to date with regards to their use of it for liver repair, this is the one.                actually receives much ongoing study vs. the majority of any other herbal ingredients world-wide and it’s for good reason; it proves to be excellent in cleansing and protecting the liver and gall bladder from:


  • toxin induced damage
  • blood contamination
  • oxidative stress
  • inflammation
  • and free radical damage


All which an infected dog is experiencing ultra-high levels of right now. Today’s hospitals take advantage of               for over a dozen human treatments.  Turns out, this herb is used in dogs often too.  And for a dog who’s acquiring much waste that the live parasites leave inside him daily, cleansing the liver is not just some neat new idea, but an absolutely mandatory step in the internal systems rebuilding process. 


Here is a challenge; try to find information anywhere on the world wide web pertaining to the ongoing waste heartworms leave in a pet’s system…bet you can’t.  Every single site shares symptoms, causes, costs, damage done to the body, how treatment works, etc., but nowhere will any site share what makes them thrive and how they waste.

Only now will you be enlightened to such an occurrence.  Even all the “natural use” advocating sites out there have forgotten to consider such a crucial aspect of heartworm infestation and how that waste destroys a canine! 


Should we just forget that these nasty abominations have to eat?  “What do heartworms eat anyway” you ask?  They ingest the nutrients found in your little fur baby’s blood, constantly feasting on dissolved sugars, amino acids, fats and  various other constituents found in it.  All while wasting it out of the other end so-to-speak, back into the blood system.


Right off the top, this leaves that much less resource for your pet to utilize.  Yes, these little guys are the canine version of an advanced, lethal, and quite stealthy silent vampire.  And yes, this relentless occurrence beats the living hell of your pet’s liver and lymph system among all other systems, tracts, and organs, and in quick fashion.  Thank goodness for world-class ingredients such as this one! 



Pg 13




Any company that happens to add this next exclusive ingredient                     to a parasite product is genius in my eyes.   Here’s why: For naturopaths, this rain forest-derived plant is a powerful ally in supporting liver and gall bladder health, much like            noted above. 


But                brings a few additional benefits to the table.  It aids in cleansing the kidneys and the bladder via its high antioxidant properties.  It also helps to increase bile secretion of the liver.  Extra bile helps the digestion process, which in turn benefits nutrient absorption and faster waste elimination.  And on a side note,           is marvelous at ceasing the formation of kidney stones, which a dog is certainly capable of getting and at any age. 


What are slowly beginning to achieve with the use of these types of herbs is this; the ever-so-needed boosting of the natural immune system of the pet.  We are also activating, or “awakening” the “stagnant” liver (and other organs) to then reach their apex in correct, healthy functionality.   


Ok, so we have discussed two incredible secondary ingredients that one of our chosen products shares.  That product is called                              .  I have been utilizing this product for many years online and off for a canine’s heartworm eradication needs.  It is fabulous and one of my all-time favorites. 


Beyond the         ,             ,        ,         , and                  ingredients that this phenomenal product possesses, it has a few ultra-important enzymes in the blend that go on to further benefit our pets:


Protease (also known as a proteolytic enzyme, peptidase or proteinase) is a type of enzyme that functions mainly to help us digest various proteins.  Protease breaks down and converts proteins into peptides and finally into amino acids.  Without proteases occurring the intestinal lining would not be able to digest proteins, causing serious consequences to one’s health.






 Pg 14




Amylase is an enzyme produced by ours and our pet’s pancreas that helps break down starches and complex sugars (carbs) in food.  Salivary amylase begins the digestion of carbohydrates in the mouth (of humans) and continues in the stomach and in the intestines of humans and canines.


Lipase is also secreted by the human and canine pancreas and is responsible for digesting fats. Lipase works with bile and ultimately helps in the formation of fatty acids among other things. 


Cellulase has the primary role of helping humans digest plant-based foods.  It is an enzyme that canines cannot produce. That is because they are, by design, meant to eat meat only. It also has a small role in keeping cell membranes free from toxins and pathogens.  Today’s modern household dog gets more than his fair share of table scraps (e.g.. human food), some of which they probably should not be eating.  Cellulase supplementation helps huge in this regard. 


If you are feeding your dog more “people food” than normal, simply because you don’t trust what is in commercial dog food, I can’t say that I blame you.  Beyond the harsh plant byproducts and unknown quality and types of ground meat, bone meal, and feather meal going into common grocery store-level dog foods, the overall nutritional value and origin of the end product (i.e.. Malaysia, Taiwan) and its loose regulation for import has always been a hot topic.   Regardless of that, these critical enzyme supplements make a huge difference in digestion capability.


The USDA denotes "inspection-passable" dog food ingredients as:

“Ruminant and rendered materials, including bovine, mammalian, swine, and poultry meat, their bone meal, feather meal, & byproducts” 










 Pg 15




 Page 22 of the report: 





Reaping all of the many benefits now; success set in motion


What we now begin to achieve with the use of these ingredients is this; the ever-so-needed boosting of a canine’s immune system to allow it to do what it does best-flawlessly guard against such atrocities as sickness, disease, negative bacterial and viral manifestation, and of course, external & internal parasite presence.


Somewhere along the line your pet’s naturally superior, flawless immunity to such occurrences has been slowly degradated:


  • starting from day one with the probable immunization/steroid/antibiotic chemicals that coursed through the mother’s blood passing through to your pet at birth
  • to constant exposure to poorly regulated commercial dog foods chock full of unnatural ingredients, high sodium & acids, loads of metals (from cans), yeast producing byproducts, and more chemicals
  • to the receiving of insecticide chemical toxins via immunization shots, wormers, various  flea control, and monthly preventatives
  • add in car fumes and smog, leeched chemicals from plastics, toys, chewed furniture, low quality commercial dogfood...the list goes on and on really.


We are also activating, or “awakening” the “stagnant” liver (and other organs) to then allow for them to reach their top function as your furbee continues his or her journey to heartworm removal and the reclaiming of a rejuvenated, fresh, and exceedingly healthy ongoing life.


If my beloved dog acquired heartworms, I would absolutely want him on this incredible, safe, and life-enhancing approach to better health.  The ingredients in them are so darned specialized and incredible you almost can’t help but want them for your babies, since they are unquestionably and by far the best available at what they do. And I don’t think there is one pet owner that I have ever encountered that wants anything less than the absolute best that can be attainable for their important family members, especially during such a challenging time. 




Pg 22 




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