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If you are searching for what is the best treatment resolve while trying to avoid the many complications of Ivermectin for dogs, Interceptor, or the infamous Arsenic & toxin-heavy actual treatment, please read on; 

Learn how to obtain the best natural products available internet-wide, and gain the benefit of superior knowledge and support throughout your pet's healing progress.. 

You are going to be so absolutely thrilled and quite proud at the health success your pet begins to realize in just a few short weeks of beginning his/her natural heartworm removal process!! 



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A dog with heartworms - A statistical (and surprising) world fact among dogs without an ivermectin alternative;


Statistics show that over 85% of living canines globally, including ones that receive monthly meds, have had or will acquire heartworms; if at least temporarily.  

This overall percentage could mean 50% in areas of our planet where mosquito infestation is lightly existent, to close to 100% in other regions such as in certain climates of the U.S.. or Australia, for example.   

It just so happens that regularly medicated dogs on Ivermectin, or interceptor for example, have the advantage of having the micros killed within 48 hrs or so after the mosquito has bitten them.  

So in all reality technically there is no heartworm "prevention" as we define it for our dogs, just death to the baby heartworms at their stage three cycle upon once entering tissue through a dogs' skin.  This is Ivermectin at work.  

Everyone is happy and no one knows the better, month in and month out.  Heck we should call Ivermectin-type heartworm preventatives "heartworm 3rd stage killer meds" instead. 

Because thats what this medicine is; a regular dose of poison that has the task of killing micro-worms consistently.  I bet now you are almost glad you get to pay good money for these toxins heh?  Nothin like a little acaricide poison to kill some baby worms each month.  Well, its time for a heartgard alternative!


Listen, You must get your dog off these meds!   Our grandparents, our parents, and we ourselves have fallen victim to some ruthless age-old propaganda that has buried itself within our mindsets:  

  • That heartworm monthly meds are required.    
  • That when there are dog heartworms, toxin treatment or physical removal is the best and/or only options..
  • that there can't possibly be a real, proven Ivermectin or Interceptor alternative.  



Hmm. Wonder who instills that into our heads? A multi-billion dollar industry does.  People are giving their pet essentially a 3-tier poison every month ever-so faithfully!!  Like robots without real regard to whats in that little chewable or topical. 

What a wonderful set-in-stone business this is for the big guys. 

They know that when our kids grow into their own,  and get their first family dog, sure enough the first thing they go run out and buy is monthly meds for their new dog via a prescription from a vet. 

And so the big guys score yet another point. They got em right where they want em from that moment on out. 



This assumptive & "traditional" cycle needs to be broken - For the sake of the expense, AND the health of our pets!!


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So, what does this heartgard-type med called Ivermectin for dogs do to Ol' Red or lil' Princess?  Lets take a look:

The most common preventatives on the retail market contain Ivermectin as its active ingredient; it eliminates the parasite by destroying the tissue stage of a "baby"worm and blocking its development to its contagious disease state.  Its the same chemical that is injected into horses, swine, cattle, etc. 

However, it can make dogs pretty sick while being on these prescribed meds at any given point through time.   But also will be a major contributor to their overall health decline as dogs age.  And likely be the sole reason for an untimely death none-the-less. 

And why wouldn't they be hard on dogs; The core ingredient list contains insecticide and benzoylurea pesticide agents in it.



There is ever increasing evidence that Ivermectin, Interceptor, and others noted below are causing several very drastic changes in dogs.  Ivermectin has been linked to such overwhelming problems like:

probable kidney and liver damage,

Skin rashes,

Loss of hair,

Epileptic seizures,

Low sperm count issues in male canines,

Fertility problems in female canines,

Thyroid problems,

Inability to maintain proper immune funtion, and  

Auto-immune disorders.  To name a few.  Keep in mind that it is technically still unknown what other multiple issues may be spawned by the ongoing use of these meds.   Wow.  It costs you $$ to get meds to begin with,  and the mid and long term reactions that your pet faces are gonna cost you again later on! 

Anyhow Milbemycin Oxime, Moxidectin, and Selamectin together in most cases, are used in a "toxic" conjunction with Ivermectin or Interceptor to extend their applicability, and finally anthelmintic and benzoylurea pesticide agents are added to some products to extend flea and additional intestinal parasite control such as hook and round worm.                              


The recommended natural products will take care of all worms and parasites dogs can host..period.  The perfect, natural heartgard and Interceptor alternative for your most important and trusted companion is ready for you to take advantage of.


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Note that with all of these toxins going into your dog, only two of the most popular products include whip worm control and none control Tapeworm! 

Your pet will have to have additional bug poisons introduced to his/her system should you ever suspect tapeworm problems!!  Tapeworm is extremely common among all dogs too!  This fact being of how easily they pick them up (e.g., by inadvertantly eating fleas). 



 a dog with heartworms has them no more because of this sites products.  this is a pic of a customers happy compliment to the removal of worms in pups




Obtain your copy of the ebook now and begin to naturally prevent/kill the following:


Heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, whip worm  (the only 4 worms that traditional toxic monthly "preventatives" may or may not cover all of....)



Lets add in a few more resolves that preventatives don't touch, (aside from ticks and fleas);

Tapeworms, (which happens to be extremely common in dogs),

Waliking dandruff,

Ear mites,

Scabies (highly contagious among animals and causes   Sarcoptic Mange   which is known to be the hardest of all animal parasites to remove via conventional application.

Demodex mites (causes Demodectic mange in dogs).

Giardia (are protozoa or "one-celled" organisms taht live in the small intestine of dogs and cats). These are also extremely common in dogs.  Very easy to remove with this natural remedy.

Ticks and fleas.

Tapeworms, (which happens to be extremelycommon in do



The products identified in your report will:

  • Immediately eradicate all stage 1 microfilaria (baby) heartworms in the blood to halt further worm population (remember stages 2 and 3 occur in the mosquito).
  • “Slow-kill” the existing adolescent and adult heartworms (stage 4 & 5)  over a  12 to 16 week span which helps avoid the potential of embolism that may occur with traditional 2 visit arsenic immiticide "quick kill" injections into your pet's back.
  • Cleanse and detox the digestive system and improve digestive function
  • Cleanse and detox the heavily taxed Liver, Kidneys, and blood systems
  • Restore digestive and Liver/Kidney health after parasitic infection
  • Expel all other parasite types noted above that your pet could be hosting
  • Eliminate all parasite-related problems that will otherwise occur with infestation
  • Reduce the symptoms of unhealthy bowls, nausea, and bloating, etc.
  • Protect against very likely bacterial infection due to weak immune system function
  • Eliminate dehydration and anemia (blood loss) issues that common parasites like hookworm and whipworm bring
  • Promote the quick repair of the artery and heart “aftermath” that heartworms leave behind  
  • And many more benefits that are too numerous to list 



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See Table of Contents & Some Sample Pages of the Report HERE


Your family has everything to gain and nothing to lose with this offer.  Here's why:

  • The report gives a thorough breakdown of what each product contains and why it works for your pet, 
  • Definitions and world-wide usage history of each herbal ingredient that is used in that product,
  • Additional advantages of why you might choose one product over another that is offered in the report for a dog with heartworms, or without..,
  • Stress relief in knowing your pet is free of worms
  • Financial expense relief with your ability to now "come off" traditional meds and the costs that has always been associated with them (ie, prescription monthlies, etc.),
  • Dosage recommendations, healing timelines,
  • No need for semi-annual or annual visits to the vet to (re-qualify) for your dog's heartworm preventatives, and so much more !
So many benefits await your pet that you have to ask;
  • "Why would I ever choose any other option for health and/or recovery  for my baby?".
  • "Where is the rule that says that I am supposed to pay all this money to a vet's office or to a medicine company over the lifetime of my pet?"
And most importantly let's not forget the fact that we are destroying worms naturally too! This service alone at your local vet's office is ordinarily over 600.00 or more !!  And your dog may not even survive this ultra-toxic treatment. 
Reaction-based deaths from such an onslaught of toxins are tremendously high, and having your pet fall victim to such a fate would be unfathomly hard to accept for most.

The convenience of having:

  • the holistic expertise,
  • all of the best product distributors, 
  • dosage info,
  • herbal usage history explanations,
  • tons of research, etc.

are all gathered together in this one incredible resource! 


 Let me help you win this fight!

  Man's best friend cannot make this decision.  He/she needs you to choose for him as he trusts you.  He always has.  And He would do it for you!




Below are ALL of the products shared in the report.

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Where applicable, I show the best value attainable from a given vendor vs. the next so you can save as much money in the process as well.


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Amazon helps our fur-friends world wide:

Any item you happen to place in your cart supports shelter dogs in various non-profit shelters across each market.  Any item!! So if you happen to add a product below to your cart then "continue shopping" for books, home products, wish list, etc. all counts! 

Amazon rewards doggies everywhere, based on a percentage commitment created via this resource page!!

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An incredible UK alternative to Parasite Dr. from Doctor Hulda Clark,
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U.S.,UK, & Canada Now Foods Black Walnut hull tincture:




 Miscellaneus products mentioned in the book:

Amazon U.S. Wasabi Extract, Canidae formulas, & a heartworm home test kit;



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Scram-Move them out!, HFN028 150 caps - By “Healthforce Nutritionals”
Parasite Dr,          SKU: PPAR00    by  "PetAlive/Native Remedies"
LiverAid,               SKU: PLIV001    by  "PetAlive/Native Remedies"
Kidney Support,   SKU: PKDS001  by "PetAlive/NativeRemedies"



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