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O.k.  Its time to download your report!  The report is in PDF "file" format.  The way to view the pages of the report is to have a pdf reader installed onto your computer.  


Adobe reader is the most widely used pdf document reader world-wide and is most likely already on your computer or cel phone.  Feel free to attempt the report download and you will find out quickly whether you do already have it because if not, the report would never open.  Or you can get it downloaded free by clicking the button below;


Or..right-click on this link http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/   and select the "open in new window" option and go directly to Adobe.  Remember that you will need to know what type of operating system is on your computer (eg, Windows, Linux, Mac,) and pick that version once you arrive at their site.   


If you have difficulties with accessing the report in any way, please email


As I would then be able to assist you with getting you up and running. Make sure to advise me in the email at which step you believe you are experiencing a problem with.


   Open/Download your report below!

REMEMBER TO SAVE IT TO YOUR DESKTOP, etc AS SOON AS IT OPENS IF YOU ARE ON A PC. (just move your mouse to the upper or lower areas of the 1st page on report, and select the little save icon that appears). Although it does instantly and automatically save in: c:/users/name/documents as well.

If on smartphone, the report will be found on your upper menu bar "pull down" after a few seconds automatically






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