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Heartworm prevention dose question
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Guest Sophie
May 10, 2020
5:22 PM
I have a new (and first time ) Holistic Vet. My puppy is 18 weeks old and 3.0 lbs. The Vet recommended Scram as a heartworm preventative. Her dose is 1\3 of a capsule once a month to be increased as her weight increases. I purchased and read your book. Do you think my puppy will be protected on this dose?
Jeff (author)
May 17, 2020
8:22 AM
Wow!!! A holistic vet recommending Scram! He/she MUST have heard of my regimen over the last 12 or so years!!! Make sure to ask if so. I would be honored to learn of this fact!!

Anyways, yes 1/3 capsule will do just fine. after she weighs in over 7 lbs (roughly), I'd go with a full capsule every 3 weeks or so.

With that said, your new pup is going to be BULLETPROOF all her life against any and all parasite types!


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