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V Leslie
1 post
Apr 22, 2020
6:14 PM
I had an Australian Shepard mix start getting epileptic fits after using common preventives w/ Ivermectin 25+ years ago, and vowed not to do that again. With my last dog, who was an older rescue, I used a naturopathic heartworm remedy from a homeopathic vet and DE, and she (and my cats) have never had any issue. I am currently seeking a new shelter/rescue dog and found one who is HW positive (though asymptomatic). She is being treated by the shelter's vets the usual way - poisons. To adopt her, I'd have to agree to the treatment plan and likely use toxic preventatives from now on. My work is energy medicine and I have never found myself or my pets to EVER thrive with meds and surgeries. I recently had my application rejected from one rescue organization when I explained my approach to natural heath and healing. @#&%! I have lengthy horrible tales to tell about vets' limited understanding & approaches that ended up costing me thousands to repair the damage they did and heal but won't go into them. I don't know if I will adopt this dog if it means I'd have to continue to poison her. But any dog that I might adopt, HW positive or not, I want to use natural preventatives, so I am intrigued by your information. Does your book include prevention with healthy pets as well as Tx for HW positive ones?
V Leslie
2 posts
Apr 22, 2020
6:41 PM
A related question, should I adopt this HW+ dog and go through the ususal protocol with their vets, afterwards could I use your natural prevention successfully?
May 02, 2020
3:49 PM
Hi Leslie,

Based on the incredible results that this protocol has demonstrated over the last 11+ years, I would start with the "heartworm removal" regimen (vs. the preventative one) and skip the vet altogether.

I ASSURE you that this dog will do just fine getting her heartworms removed with this vs the traditional method.

And yes, there is a preventative version of the protocol shared within the report!


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