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Link to Products from E-Book
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Apr 12, 2020
2:22 PM
Hi there-I just purchased and read the ebook.
The link that is in the ebook to the products (Amazon), dosage recommendations is not working so don't know what I'm missing on the additional info.

I did see the products on the website:
I believe I am going with the SCRAM capsules, Pet Alive Kidney tincture & the PetAlive Liver tincture.

I am also understanding its either SCRAM OR the Parasite DR. product, correct?

I have the dosage instructions for the SCRAM from the Ebook...but how much of each Liver & Kidney tincture do I give? I have 2 pooches one is 9.5 lbs and the other is about 21 lbs.

I am going to dose as if they have heartworms as they have not been tested.

please let me know as i want to start immediately :) or if you could send me link to that info.
Jeff (author)
Apr 13, 2020
12:03 PM
Hi Tiara,

I have just sent you an email on this. And yes, even though you opted to get BOTH of the secondary (albeit, support) products, you only need one of the other of the main product. Scram is an Excellent choice too, btw!!

Its my favorite of the two, to be honest!!
Paula J. Albarado
Nov 21, 2020
4:10 AM
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