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Testing for HW
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Feb 07, 2020
2:25 PM
My dog has tested positive for heartworms at the vet's office, but she is asymptomatic. I know it's in the vet's best interest to diagnose her with worms and get us to buy their meds, so I'm not sure I believe their test.

We're planning on going to Tractor Supply's PetVet Clinic to do a heartworm blood test soon to get a second opinion. I've also seen people recommending a home test kit on the message board, but I can't find a link to the kit anywhere. Is it still out there? I can't even find an Amazon heartworm test kit.

If there are any other recommendations for tests, I'd love to hear them. I've seen reports that suggest false-positives are common and retesting by different methods is a good plan.

After we get our test results, we're going to start the scram regimen from the ebook. I've already bought the kidney support, liveraid, and scram. So even if we get a negative result, we're still going to do the recommended dose for HW-negative dogs.

Thanks for your advice!
jeff (author)
Feb 13, 2020
11:18 AM
In the ebook is a recommended protocol for a dog "with" heartworm infection. Just assume she is indeed infected, and all will be just fine!

On a side note, home test kits are no longer available for purchase. A vet out of Texas complained to the USDA and they forced ebay and Amazon into removing them. Isn't that amazing that a vet was threatened by a 23.00 test option?

Makes me sick to this day, some 3 years later.

She ruined two other U.S. suppliers, along with me in providing a highly cost effective alternative to the 200+ dollar vet fees that they gain on you by pushing you into their system see!


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