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Sarcoptic Mange
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Jan 08, 2020
11:42 AM
Hi, I love your site and the work you do! I have a slightly unusual case - my potbelly piglet and I have sarcoptic mange. She came from a hoarding situation and was severely infested with massive sores covering most of her body, face, and complete loss of hair. She also had a cough and high fever, and the vet heard respiratory issues in her lungs and gave her a shot of Draxxen and Dexomethesone for several grand mal seizures from severe dehydration/rapid hydration. The sanctuary that took her in administered injected Ivermectin over a period of 2 months, leading to a return of her hair and a complete removal of sores. However, when I brought her home last week I noticed that beneath her hair her skin was covered with rusty scales, the hair follicles are all dark, her belly, underarms, behind her ears and inside her ears are all rust covered, inside her ears are all little rust red dots. I gave her a lyme tar bath, which really did not help. I massaged in coconut oil, which really did not help. I aggressively changed up her nutrition - feeding her all raw greens, fruits, cooked buckwheat groats in almond milk, coconut oil, raw garlic, acv, an herbal blend of tumeric/kelp/elecampine/gentian root/cinnamon/ginger/diotomaceous earth/clove/cardamom. I use a humidifying diffuser with tea tree oil, rosemary, clove, eucalyptus, lavender.

After 3 days I also developed mange - not the first time, as I have a pig sanctuary. However, contrary to your reports, I have experienced mange as increasing in severity, keeping me up all night with itching, and responsive to nothing I have tried. With nothing else working, I reluctantly gave both of us a dose of Ivermectin - which eradicated my mange in 2 days and significantly improved hers. However, the same night I gave it to her, her fever spiked and her pnuemonia rapidly worsened - confirming what I have always believed, which is that Ivermectin lowers immunity and actually increases herd sickness. After aggressively treating her with raw garlic/acv/pepper/coconut oil and the herbal mix, she still has a mild cough occasionally, but her pneumonia seems to be held at bay for now. Her itching, however, is increasing again. The Ivermectin has worn off.

Pigs are often considered horizontal humans physiologically. Do you have any recommendations or observations?



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