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Want To Try SCRAM Method - Have Questions
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Danielle A
Oct 14, 2019
1:54 PM
Hello! A quick background. My name is Danielle and I recently took a sweet sweet dog, Oliver, off the street. When taking him to the vet it was found he has heartworms. I am in Honduras and there is a language barrier with the vet so it was hard for me to know what stage of HW we are in, but Oliver was lethargic, had lack of appetite, and every now and then would cough. Here in Honduras you can not get the imiticede and HW is generally a death sentence.

Well, I refuse to believe that and want to try the SCRAM method as I can get the pills delivered here thanks to Amazon. But I have some questions and I am nervous about how much time we may have!

The vet recommended 30 days of doxycycline to start, so I have begun that - it is worth noting Oliver now eats (A LOT) and his eyes are clearer, but he did have the cough today. Do I continue the doxycycline while administering the SCRAM?

Based on the symptoms, how many times do I repeat the SCRAM cycle? From my understanding of the directions you do it twice, and then I would retest in 6 months. Is that correct? Or should I repeat the cycle a third time based on what stage his disease is in??? What do I do in the in between time?

I just want Oliver to be okay and feel good - he deserves it!
Apr 20, 2020
1:07 AM
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Sep 04, 2020
2:29 PM

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