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We’re Heartworm Free x 2!!
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May 12, 2019
1:01 PM
I care across the site a couple years ago because my Dakota was diagnosed HW+ and I didn’t take the news well... especially once my Vet said she may not make it out alive after treatment. That’s not a medical treatment in my book, so I started looking into natural options when I found this.

We started her for treatment, where I was relieved because she didn’t have any negative reactions, and waited the necessary time for testing. Our Vet is open minded and gave me his blessing, but like others, didn’t believe there was a natural treatment out there. How would they if that’s not what they’re taught or haven’t ever looked into it.

Dakota tested negative both times and I was the happiest person on earth! Mainly because she was being killed by those suckers anymore, but also because natural medicine worked and made a mark in all those peoples brains. Everyone blind to natural medicine didn’t believe of the possibility, and probably still don’t but it may make them think a second time about prescribing or recommending poison.

Later we find out my parents boy was positive so I thought this would be another great way to see if it could help him too. He’s older and I didn’t think he would make it past the standard treatment, everyone at the Vets office didn’t think so either. That didn’t come good to moms ears so she had a lot of hope for her Shadow. We thought he was a much worse case because he was coughing so much (why we took him in to get HW tested) and did a double treatment JUST incase. He was still coughing but decided to take him for a test anyways and he came back negative!! After x-Ray, it turns out that they THINK he has lung cancer that’s causing the coughing and suggested we put him down soon. We literally just did that to Dakota because of her health status, and I don’t think my parents could handle doing that to him, I couldn’t. We had some CBD oil left over from one of Dakotas natural treatments and they’ve had good success with that and have included it in his daily routine. Kind of went outside of HW talk but for good reason :).

This HW treatment has a 100% success rate within my family where I will definitely use again if I ever encounter the problem again. I strongly advocate for it too if I hear of someone else speaking about treatments or preventative care. People need to be more educated about what we’re doing to our furry friends.

I want to thank Jeff for all the hard work he did into researching and putting this together because not only did it save our pups, but in a natural and cost effective way. I couldn’t be more thankful for all the additional memories we were able to make with Dakota prior to her passing.
Jeff (author)
Jun 01, 2019
9:21 AM
Wow, what a great share here! 2 doggies in one family remedied by the protocol. That's what I LIVE FOR!!
Sep 05, 2020
12:42 AM
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Sep 22, 2020
4:48 AM
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