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No more heartworms
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Linda J
2 posts
Jan 23, 2019
2:06 PM
Last summer Jake,70lb mixed breed, started coughing. I never gave him HW preventative. I had him tested at the vets and he was HW positive. I started him on the Scram protocol that Jeff's report suggest.

He continued to cough for a few more weeks. Then one day I realized he wasn't coughing anymore. I waited the time after the dosing schedule to have him tested. That would have been just before Christmas. I didn't want to mess up Christmas so I waited till this last weekend Jan 19 to have him retested. I was sure he still had heart worms as I had to do this protocol twice with my other dog with still a positive outcome.

BUT!!!!! Jake is heart worm free!!! I tell everyone about this site and Jeff's wonderful protocol he provides. Now I'm sure to do the preventive steps he highly suggest.

I can't thank you enough Jeff! I always felt there was something more natural than the conventional way of getting rid of the HW.

Linda Sealey
Memphis TN
Linda J
3 posts
Jan 23, 2019
2:09 PM
By the way... My other dog did get rid of her heart worms...it just took a bit longer. She was such a stubborn case to start with.

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