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is it safe to treat dog for heartworm if dont have
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Jan 08, 2019
11:48 PM
is it safe to treat dog for heartworm if dog might not have them ? she had worms but I gave her some over the counter Walmart dewormer and there gone. but shes been acting like she might have heartworm. i'm scared and have no way of finding out if she does. shes my life as I'm hers.Is there a way to find out with out paying a high price? I'm disabled and applying for ssi so I'm looking for home remedies that will work and help my Skye. shes a 8 year old white shepherd/wolf. but she acts like a 8 month old puppy at times. please let me know if I can safely treat her not knowing if she has them or not. thank you
Kelly Hall
May 06, 2019
12:26 PM
Desert, you HAVE to test her. That's just part of being a responsible pet owner! It does not have to be expensive either. There are great low cost clinics everywhere that will charge under $20 for a HW test. Please look for one near you and get your baby tested every year. Depending on where you live and if she had any protection there is a very good chance she might be positive.

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