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Heartworm cough
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Oct 28, 2018
5:43 PM
We adopted a small terrier mix (15 lbs) during the summer. She was heartworm positive. I bought the kindle version of the book and started the first round of Scram on August 25th and the second round on October 4th. I am planning on giving her a third round that will start November 12th and have her retested after the new year in January.
Daisy (dog) is much more energetic and playful, however she still has a horrible cough especially after running or getting excited. I am just curious when I should expect the cough to subside or should I be worried that it hasn’t subsided after almost two full rounds of Scram?
Also, next weekend during Days 7 & 8 of the 1/2 pill for the last 10 days of round 2, Daisy will be boarded. How important is it that she gets her Scram those days considering she will have a third round? I’m going to try and get a boarder that will give her the Scram, but if not, would it be devastating or a huge set back?

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