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Just wondering
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Sep 15, 2018
8:07 AM
I have 2, year old female golden doodles that I’ve been raising naturally since i got them at 8 weeks of age. I feed raw and use no chemicals. I have a holistic vet that is somewhat helpful, but mostly leaves it up to me to research and decide for forself concerning natural prevention issues. (Where i live there are only 2 holistic vets within a hundred mile radius and though I really like this one, the vet is very expensive and not always very helpful) My personal passion and educational background is in natural health. I have researched quite a bit about natural heartworm prevention and still unsure what to do other than know the heartworm season for where i live and test twice annually according to season. I’m using diatomaceous earth for parasite prevention but i know that it isn’t effective for heartworms. Does your report give step by step instructions for prevention or is it information that primarily explains how to treat if you have an infected dog? I use a natural product for flea prevention that is also a mosquitoe deterrent. Fleas have not been an issue while using this product so it would seem to be effective. Should i just get the report?????
jeff (author)
Sep 17, 2018
9:18 PM
Thank you for your post!

And yes, the report covers in full detail just how and why the ingredients found within each of the shared products work so well at heartworm removal and/or prevention.

I've packed alot of great info in the report and I'm confident that it will answer all your questions.

Reach me any time you need,


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