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HWF or scram
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Jul 27, 2018
1:06 PM
Hi Jeff,

I read the report. Now not sure what to do. We started HWF this past Monday, but the dogs stool is loose. Not sure if it is from the product because he does has digestion issue and is also on antibiotics because he had some infection, possibly ut or prostate (shot that lasts 2 wks). After reading your report, not even sure that HWF will help.

Any suggestions?
jeff (author)
Jul 27, 2018
6:21 PM
Hello Tatyana,

I got your email earlier today and responded to it just now. I myself have not been a big fan of HWF ever since the FDA forced them to "tone down" their flagship product (HWF) and some others.

Since that change up 4 years ago, the HWF product is quite mild. It does not have the "punch" necessary to get the task of heartworm removal complete adequately, in my opinion.

I'd think that your dog's digestive tract is a bit overwhelmed for the moment, which is why his/her stool is loose.

Go with either the Scram or the Parasite Dr. as shared in your report and here at the site at the bottom of the report/product page.


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