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Colloidal silver & false negative antigen test?
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Jul 22, 2018
7:25 PM
My vet said my dog, who had been on HW prevention (Sentinel Spectrum) every month of her life since we got her at 9 wks old, had 2 positive heartworm tests 2 weeks ago. After reading about heartworm and the bacteria it carries, Wolbachia, I started giving her large doses of colloidal silver to kill the bacteria and weaken the heartworms, supposedly. I have been taking large doses of colloidal silver to treat my multiple Lyme disease infections and thought it would be better for my dog than doxycycline, which I also took for Lyme and gave me terrible GI tract upset (probably c. difficile?).

Since I don't trust my vet after she said she'd run vaccine titers on my dog but after 3 years came in with multiple vaccine syringes last year when I took my dogs in for their yearly HW test and physical, I decided to have another HW test run at another clinic- after 4 days of large colloidal silver doses. This test came back negative, as did 2 home tests I ordered and ran, but... I read the literature that came with the home test and it said antibody-coated colloidal gold particles are used to bind to the HW antigen in the sample. Here is a direct quote:

"The VetScan Canine Heartworm Rapid Test is based on using heartworm-specific antibodies in an immunochromatographic sandwich assay. Antibody-coated colloidal gold particles bind to D. immitis antigen in the sample. The bound antigen flows through the strip and is then captured by antibodies on the test strip. The accumulation of the captured gold particle/antigen complex causes a color to become visible in the T (test) area. To serve as a procedural control, a colored line in the C (control) area will always appear regardless if the sample is positive or negative."

So, it made me wonder and my question is *** Could the colloidal silver I gave my dog between the positive and negative tests (about a week apart) have bound to all of the HW antigen in my dog's blood, giving the 3 false negative test results? If so- how long would I have to wait for the antigen to build up enough in my dog's bloodstream to test again and get an accurate test?

I'm just not enough of a chemist to understand exactly how the tests work, even though I do make my own colloidal (ionic) silver which has kept me in remission with Lyme disease. If anybody knows if I could have caused a false negative test, or not, please let me know. I don't trust my vet enough to ask her, and doubt if she knows much if anything about colloidal silver. I'd call the company but the test is for "veterinary use only", so I don't think they'd be willing to help me. I'm at a loss in my area for vets who are trustworthy enough to ask for help. We were driving an hour away just to get to the "holistic" vet who tried to give our dogs vaccines last year instead of titers, knowing full well we were staunchly against any further vaccinations.

Thanks in advance for your help!
jeff (author)
Jul 23, 2018
7:16 AM
I myself know quite a bit about Silver (I have a ebook on Amazon concerning the topic).

It is very possible that the silver did in-fact bind to the heartworm-produced antigen as silver desires the iron found in the cellular infastructure that makes up the antigen. Silver stops at NOTHING to tear apar said cell to get that iron! Sulpher too! It literally shreds up the cell to get it. Thereby destroying said bacterial cell (whether gram negative or gram positive).

Never thought about this before regarding heartworm antigen so this is an excellent post to be honest!!

You will need to wait at least 10 days for more antigen to appear from the thriving adult heartworms. Note that we have not technically accomplished anything in the name of silver useage vs heartworm infection here-other than the fact that we have destroyed any and ALL good and bad bacterium in your pet's system INCLUDING his gut flora.

So... we must allow your pet to replenish the good flora by way of feeding him/her some plain flavored Kafir drinks (from local grocery store). You may also acqure some great probiotics and admin them to him for the next 4 or 5 days.

Easy peezy.

It is my experience that people that use silver constantly do not realize that they are running around every day with ZERO gut flora.
NOT GOOD. Healthy gut flora represents, among other things, our immune system health.

Zero gut flora means zero immunity over time and this brings on pneumonia, among many other things.

Probably the no 1 healer in the world (close tie with hydrogen peroxide, olive leaf extract, and curcumin), Silver is only to be used a couple times per month, if that.

Jul 23, 2018
7:56 PM

Thank you so much for your response! I got my dog some yogurt, since I can't find any unsweetened kefir in my area, and I hope that will work as well. Since you agree that the colloidal silver could have skewed the HW test, I am starting your SCRAM protocol while I'm waiting to retest, just to be on the safe side. My girl has no symptoms but I can't take the chance of doing nothing just in case her first 2 positive HW tests at the vet were accurate. I'm so relieved to have bought your ebook and have an alternative to the pharmaceuticals, knowing there is no harm in giving my dog the SCRAM even if she doesn't have heartworms. Really, I can't thank you enough and will keep you posted when I do test her, again. I've already directed other people with heartworm-positive dogs to your website. The facts that you write back and really know what you're talking about put my mind at ease. Many heartfelt thanks...
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