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fluid retention belly
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Jun 29, 2018
6:59 AM
I am doing the scram protocol along with the kidney support and liver aid also heart hardy and coq10. I had been giving (before I switched to Scram)1 black walnut and 2 Artemisia combination for 5 weeks and he has been doing good. When switched to scram he is now retaining fluid which is making it hard to breathe and he now doesn't move around much, and I have a hard time getting him to go outside. His gums are light pink. The vet said she could give Lasix (after I bring him in for yet another blood test) but I could not mix Lasix with any herbs, she is against me trying to rid the heartworms naturally. I'm not sure what to do. Please Help
Jun 29, 2018
10:25 AM
Ditto to precisely everything you’ve described. The end of the third week (last weekend) Sadie’s abdomen was so huge I feared she may drown in internal fluids. I realized the treatment was likely killing off her digestive probiotics and possibly interfering with her digestive enzymes.

She has MUCH improved in 5 days, this is what I did:
1. Stopped the treatment for a break (today is day 6 of the break).
2. Went to Whole Foods (didn’t feel time for mail order was wise) and bought Primal Defense brand probiotics, goat milk kefir AND WholeEnzyme digestive enzymes.
3. Emptied a capsule of the probiotics into about 1/4 cup of goat milk kefir, and served it to Sadie, along with 1/2 diced banana to serve as a pre-biotic. Served twice a day shortly before 2 meals.
4. Added 2 digestive enzyme tablets to each of her meals.
5. Stopped her high quality dry kibble and cooked a stew for her: stew meat, baby carrots, fresh sweet potatoes, green peas, parsley and garlic in 2 quarts of water. This is currently her twice-daily meal.
6. Brought her in from the outdoor heat, she’s sleeping much of the day in the cool house.

Her swollen abdomen has diminished daily and is almost back to normal today.
She is feeling noticeably better, as well.

This was all accompanied by prayer.

Best wishes.
Jun 29, 2018
10:37 AM
Addition to my above reply to snow, let me add that Jeff does mention the probiotics and kefir topic in the doseage chapter of the book.

I believe the treatment protocol is working effectively and will resume after this week break.
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Jun 29, 2018
2:07 PM
My prayers have been answered, thank you Sadie. I will do as you suggested right away. I have been so scared not knowing what to do, I now have hope again. I will update in a few days. Thank you so much
Jun 29, 2018
9:28 PM
Snow, I truly hope it works. I learned from Hulda Clark’s pet parasite program that parsley is a natural diuretic. In addition to adding a bunch of chopped fresh parsley to Sadie’s stew, I made the parsley water (recipe paraphrased below) and added lots of it to her drinking water and food.

Parsley water: cook a big bunch of fresh parsley in a quart of water for 3 minutes. After cooling, throw away the parsley. Store the water in refrigerator. Add one teaspoon per 10lbs. body weight of your dog to their food. The purpose of the parsley water is to keep the kidneys flowing well so dead parasite refuse is eliminated promptly
Jeff (author)
Jul 05, 2018
8:01 AM
Wow! Great stuff here Sadie. Super insight, thank you so much for this post.


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