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Is Scram a fit for my symptomatic 9 year old lab?
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May 21, 2018
5:54 AM
I came across this website when looking for natural alternatives to the traditional injections planned by my dog, Callie’s, vet for her positive heartworm results.
Callie is a 9 year old, 70-75 lb, black lab who has always been very healthy (so rarely went to the vet and was never on heartworm preventative until February 2018.)
She developed a cough, decreased appetite and lethargy, with a little weight loss, in February, so we took her to the vet (who is a family member).
Her heartworm test was positive, so we started on doxycycline for a month, prednisone for a few weeks, and monthly
Heartgard. Her X-rays showed fluid around her lungs and other work showed protein in urine (I think this is what I was told.)
She was to begin the first injection two weeks ago but her cough and low energy/low appetite had returned, so we went back on prednisone for two weeks. Her repeat X-rays showed more fluid than back in February. The prednisone helped considerably (back to being frisky, not coughing, and eating more normally) and we “should” begin injections soon.
However, I’m nervous for putting her through all that and the risks, activity restriction, pain etc.
I was wondering in this plan (haven’t bought the book yet but plan to today) will be successful for her, with her presenting the symptoms she already has.
Thanks for your time!
Jeff (author)
May 21, 2018
10:46 AM
Hi Callie,

I have addressed your questions from the email version of your queries that you have posted here.

Reach me any time you need!

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May 21, 2018
12:42 PM
Thanks so much! Ordered the book and a bottle of scram so I can have the book read by the time the bottle arrives!

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