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How to get dog to eat SCRAM?
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Apr 21, 2018
9:05 AM
I have a great vet who agreed to let our 8 month old yellow lab take SCRAM for heart worm prevention. She prescribed 2 capsules twice a day and he hates the smell and taste of them. Everything we've tried we can't seem to get him to take them. We combine them with his favorite treats and he ends up spitting only the SCRAM out. We open them up and put them in food and he refuses to eat his food. Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.
Jeff (author)
Apr 22, 2018
11:56 AM
Hi Sheri,

It is sooo easy to give that dog her pills! She has gotten wise to your ways, thats all.

Here is one (of many) videos at youtube to show you how to do this quite easily:


Keep up the great work!
2 posts
Apr 25, 2018
8:42 AM
Thanks so much for your advice Jeff! This is our first puppy and we are kind of clueless. We appreciate your website containing great information to help those seeking for better options. May God bless you!

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