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Mar 18, 2018
8:55 AM
Three Years ago I purchased your article/protocol information after I rescued and adopted my Dog, Max who came to me “positive” for HeartWorms. I used SCRAM by Healthforce and it worked beautifully. Vet tested him after I finished a three month treatment, and it came back negative and has been for three years now. My question is, after three years of your info HAS anything changed per info/article/Protocol? I wanted to make sure to stay “Up To Date” Thank you so much Jeff & Family You are our Hero ~ Always and Forever Grateful!
Jeff (author)
Apr 04, 2018
1:42 PM
Nope! I did create a 2nd edition of the report in Sept of 2017. Nothing changed with the Scram protocol or dosing though!

Reach me at assist@alternativeheartwormcure.com for an updated copy if you like.

Jeff Battershaw

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