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My first dog with hw
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Mar 10, 2018
5:25 PM
I recently rescued a hw+ dog. It’s my first...
I’m terrified! He is approx a 3 yr old French bulldog. I’ve got him to a healthy weight now and I did do the initial hw treatment with my vet. He was due for his first shot the 17th and I can’t do it. I called my vet today and cancelled
. I’m praying this method works! I told my vet I wanted to do a natural method and of course he said there are none, but he was open minded and would support me if it’s the route I choose. I’m wondering if I should just buy the kit and go it alone?
Currently he has been on a monthly preventive (heart guard) which I’m planning on discontinuing, but I’m just nervous.. I don’t want him to suffer with this, and I also don’t want to screw it up and hurt him...
I’m going to download the report and see if it’s something i can do...
Thank you for the information
Kelly Hall
Mar 27, 2018
7:00 AM
Christine, you can do this. I understand your fear completely. I was there with my own dog, Felix and actually my daughter's rescue Girly. We treated them both at the same time with the same product. I would recommend the Scram with the support products. It's a stronger product and much more cost effective. Before you begin, copy a calendar page for the month you will be starting and highlight days and doses. It makes it much easier to remember where you are. And remember, no matter your faith, someone gave us all these wonderful plants for a reason. Even our pharmaceuticals start with them. I have gone on to successfully treat several more dogs as well and promote this website on my FB page - No One's Dog Rescue. This will give you the courage to try a natural HW prevention too. Best to you, Kelly
Jeff (author)
Apr 04, 2018
1:37 PM
Kelly is right Christine. There are over 87,000 natural herbs granted to us that if researched and applied, can take care of any ailment that will ever occur to the body (less blunt force trauma, etc obviously).

Hang in there and keep the faith. Your lil' doggie is going to do just fine with the protocol, I promise!!

Jeff Battershaw

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