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Testimonial from a happy customer
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Kelly Hall
Mar 06, 2018
7:09 AM
This is a support message for Jeff and Alternative Heartworm Cure. I should have done this years ago. If you are at this site, confused about what to do, and wondering if it really works, I am here to tell you that it really does. In 2015, I picked up a sweet little girl that was dumped in our neighborhood. She tested positive for HW with no symptoms. I had just finished treating my own rescue dog for HW with Pet Clear but he was still coming up positive so I was panicking now with this new HW+ dog. I stumbled onto this site while doing research and decided to give it a shot. That was three HW+ dogs ago. It takes a little longer than conventional treatment, but it does clear out the HW. And you will be exhilarated when you get that negative test. Vets will tell you there is no 'natural' cure with that smug tone but I am here to tell you there is. Jeff is so very helpful also. I have gone on to a natural HW prevention too. Also a leap of faith but I have six dogs and six negative HW tests every year. It's possible folks!
Mar 07, 2018
9:50 AM
Thanks for posting! We are about 1/2 way through the first round of Scram, and it's encouraging to read success stories. My pup has started the "classic" cough at the 5 week mark. Curious if you saw the same thing!
Kelly Hal
Mar 27, 2018
6:29 AM
Hi Kristi, I noticed very little cough which may have meant all dogs had lighter HW burden. What I experienced was a bout of extreme itching, particularly with the little girl I spoke of in my post. But Jeff walked me through it explaining that she was probably in a detox situation. His recommendation worked like a charm. My daughter has used the protocol on two of her dogs as well. Don't get discouraged if your first test comes back positive. It just means there are still remnants of dead HW triggering the test. We waited about 3 mos more to re-test and got the negative. And that was with a much milder treatment. So glad for your pup that you are going with natural treatment. Best to you!
Aug 27, 2020
3:52 AM
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