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Started this past week - symptoms to expect?
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Feb 03, 2018
12:15 PM
Hi there,

Are there any symptoms we may see as we start the protocol with Scram? We're on Day 4 - my dog is starting to have a minor cough (little bit when he first woke this morning) -I'm wondering if that's a sign that the heart worms are responding to the treatment already?

(It could just be a coincidental morning cough, but I thought I'd ask if it's common to see symptoms as treatment begins.)

We are so excited to find this natural treatment for our newly adopted shelter baby!

Jeff (author)
Mar 05, 2018
12:28 PM
Hi Kristi,

Mmmm, I think it may be coincidence. It would be too soon for him to have the cought that may actually occur 4 weeks (or so) from now. Some dogs may take on a true heartworm cough that never may have even had one to begin with at this timeline.

This due to the dieing process of the worms as they get emulsified by the lungs as they begin to break apart and die! All good if this happens too, just fyi.

Talk soon!

Kelly Hall
Mar 06, 2018
7:07 AM
This is a support message for Jeff and Alternative Heartworm Cure. I should have done this years ago. If you are at this site, confused about what to do, and wondering if it really works, I am here to tell you that it really does. In 2015, I picked up a sweet little girl that was dumped in our neighborhood. She tested positive for HW with no symptoms. I had just finished treating my own rescue dog for HW with Pet Clear but he was still coming up positive so I was panicking now with this new HW+ dog. I stumbled onto this site while doing research and decided to give it a shot. That was three HW+ dogs ago. It takes a little longer than conventional treatment, but it does clear out the HW. And you will be exhilarated when you get that negative test. Vets will tell you there is no 'natural' cure with that smug tone but I am here to tell you there is. Jeff is so very helpful also. I have gone on to a natural HW prevention too. Also a leap of faith. But six dogs and six negative HW tests every year. It's possible folks!
Aug 22, 2018
11:03 AM
Hi again!

We went through the regimen, but I haven't yet had my Scotty boy tested for HW. He's recently started coughing again (gags as if he will vomit, but doesn't).

What would you recommend?

Thank you!
jeff (author)
Aug 23, 2018
11:53 AM
Hi Kristi,

Mmmm, well.. keep in mind that a dog can go through a coughing/gagging spell for a myriad of reasons. However; do note that as I have shared in my report and here at the site, that when the heartworms begin to break apart and desolve (dieing worms), that they do so via a dog's lungs.

This occurrance will undoubtedly bring a coughing episode up but will soon pass.

My thought here is that the coughing that he is incurring could very well be a great thing!!

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