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Hook and whip worm treatment
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Sep 12, 2017
5:34 AM
I have had my dog on the SCRAM preventive regiment for heartworms ever since he was cured 3 yrs ago. He recently received a diagnosis of hook and whipworm. What should I have done differently to keep him from getting those worms? Should I once a month or so do a different dosing to ensure prevention? Thx.
Jeff (author)
Sep 18, 2017
9:46 PM
Mmmm, great question. Im pretty amazed to hear that he would be able to acquire two worm types in not only such a coincidentally simaltaneous timespan of each other, but WHILE ON Scram as a heartworm preventative to boot.

Assuming you are steadfast in your Scram dosing (or even mildly close to it, its pretty much impossible that such easily controlled worms would be able to flourish in the dog.

Is it possible that the vet in question likes to prescribe too often, based on any case history you may have with him/her?

Lemme know on that,

Sep 19, 2017
9:56 AM
Well, that is actually a great question because we kinda question this vet after this experience. The reason why we question her is because we took our dog back 3 times before he was diagnosed with the hook and whip worm. The initial diagnosis was bronchitis!
We just could not understand why in the world it took so long, and he lost so much weight and he is really struggling to put the weight back on which has really concerned us too. Once a month now we are doubling his SCRAM dosage (2 days, administering 3 SCRAM tablets) and then for another 2 consecutive days giving him just 1 SCRAM tablet. We recently started having some stray cats in the yard and we have caught him eating their feces - yuck!, which we think is what lead to this worm infection in the first place.
Thanks again for getting back with me. Really looking forward to hearing your feedback.
Jeff (author)
Sep 22, 2017
9:26 AM
Yep, the cat droppings ingestion would do it, no doubt. The increase in dosage that you have described here in your last comment will do the trick. The newer intestinal worms will not have a chance! Great job and keep me posted.

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