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Scram for hook and whip worm treatment?
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Steve & Jack
Aug 11, 2017
7:59 AM
Jack had heartworms so we bought your report and chose Scram to treat him very successfully, he has tested negative for 3 years now - how incredibly awesome! But recently he has lost a lot of weight, no appetite and ALL of his energy is gone. After much testing and a lot of money, the vet finally told us today that he has a bad infestation of whip worm and some hookworms. I LOVE Scram and would like to know if I can use it to treat him. They are very aggressively pushing/guilting us into 'their' treatment....
Also, did I erroneously think that Scram was a preventative for those parasites too?
Thanks SO much for time and help and, and Jack thanks you too, he needs a lot help right now.
Jeff (author)
Aug 13, 2017
10:55 AM
Hello Steve,

I am thrilled to know that the Scram regimen was a success for lil' Jack!

And yes, Scram will ABSOLUTELY eliminate this newer infection of worms. With ease as a matter of fact sir.

You are thinking correctly that Scram is a preventative for such infections. BUT.. you gotta be on a given ongoing preventative course for this benefit to occur!

Keep that Scram a comin for Jack on a continual basis from here-on out. Follow the prevention rec. found in the report.

You may want to double up on said "prevention" regimen for a week or so-just to expedite the removal of the new intruders.

And Bingo! That will do the trick
Aug 13, 2017
6:01 PM
I have to say to YOU to you first of all - THANKS, really & truly.
Thanks for being the 'real deal', there really is safer and just as effective options out there, and you are most certainly one of the very few elite. Not only did the regiment work that you recommended, but you actually answer questions too! How refreshingly cool.
Having said that, we did follow the weekly HW preventative dosage; Jack weighs 48 lbs, (or at least he did until those nasty worms had their way) and we were giving him 3 tablets of Scram a week. I know that this worked on the harder buggers,even the vet had to admit to that.So, what did I do wrong that could have caused this to happen to 'ole Jack?
I sincerely thank you for your time...

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