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Heartworm test results - Negative!
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Aug 08, 2017
12:25 PM

After purchasing and reading your report on a naturopathic protocol for heartworm prevention, I purchased my first bottle of Scram for my new puppy in June 2016 and dosed it per the report’s instructions. Where I live, the typical heartworm season starts in May and ends in December. So, I used the protocol (for dogs without heartworms) during heartworm season. Two days ago (August 6, 2017), I sent my dog’s blood sample to the lab for a heartworm test. The results came back negative!

I should add that my vet counselled me that heartworm disease is a significant risk and that my dog has a high probability of heartworm infection unless I use conventional heartworm preventatives. I feel like this naturopathic protocol was a success.

On a side note, your report prompted me to research diets, how to maintain a pesticide free home environment, and naturopathic approaches to flea and tick prevention.

Thank you for your research and for making it accessible to pet owners like me. You have made a profound impact on our family's health and life.

Last Edited by Scott on Aug 09, 2017 12:29 PM
Jeff (author)
Aug 13, 2017
10:50 AM
Hi Scott,

Wow! What an encouraging post you have left for us all here sir. Thank you sooo much for the update and for finding such great success with the report and it's recommendations.

Feel free to reach me ANY time regarding your family's use of natural protocol.
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Aug 15, 2017
10:59 AM
Thanks Jeff! I love learning how to help my dogs experience optimal, vital mental and physical health and fitness. In addition to your heartworm protocol, I have learned other protocols for diet and nutrition, immunity and titer testing, flea and tick control, and training and conditioning. Would love to discuss these with you offline by email or phone. My email address is in my account information.
Scott Reid

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