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Help! Nobody has any SCRAM!
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Jul 05, 2017
7:01 AM
No one has any SCRAM, not even Healthforce.. What else can I use? I purchased your book but cannot find it on my computer. Is there a way you can find my info and send me another link? So sorry for the trouble, but my babies need their heartworm preventative. Is there a backup I can use? I really don't want to call my vet for a prescription.
3 posts
Jul 05, 2017
7:23 AM
Update: Amazon does have it for $49.95 for the same bottle that was $27 two months ago. But, I found it for $37+ (that includes shipping) at www.herbsthatcleanse.com. Just incase anyone else is running out and needs some soon! Hope this helps! Ps. have had my dogs to the vet for heartworm check ups and they are still coming back negative! So this really does work!!!
James Shaw
Nov 21, 2020
4:21 AM
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