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Heartworm and unrelated cough?
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Dec 28, 2016
3:02 PM
My dog, a pit mix who is approaching 11 years old developed a cough quite a long while ago, almost immediately after having a mass surgically removed from her thigh. We made a vet appt, but before the appt took a trip down to the coast where her cough seemed to disappear, causing us to cancel the appt. When the cough later returned along with a small amount of eye drainage we took her to our vet.
He told us he believed our pup had allergies and a bronchial infection, but I pushed for a HW test because I felt it necessary and the test came back positive. MrVet said he believed the cough to still be unrelated to the HW and the HW to be "clinical" stage after his thorough examination of the pup.
We left the vet with a steroid to assist with the cough and a month long prescription for antibiotics. We were to make an appt for HW treatment after the antibiotic treatment ran its course.
Well that was a few months ago. I never made the HW treatment appointment because something didn't seem to add up to me. The steroids helped, but did not eliminate the cough. And the antibiotics seemed to have done nothing.
Our dogs cough is still there and comes in waves where it's very aggressive. Some days it's only a few coughing fits and others she seems to cough endlessly. It's terrible to watch. She coughs until she gags.
She hasn't lost any weight, rather maybe gained a few pounds this past year from being a bit more inactive than previously after her thigh surgery. She doesn't wheeze or pant as if breathing is a struggle.

Over the Christmas holidays we went back down to the coast and again the cough seems to have diminished greatly.

I feel so confused! I know the dog has heartworm. Or so the test says! But I can't decide if the vet is correct and the cough is unrelated? Could that even be possible?

I am purchasing your report and planning to try a natural alternative to treat her as I'm not satisfied with the vets explanations and have mixed feelings about the results of her mass removal.
I apologize for the very long post. Just looking for insight! I've been to every vet in this area for our dogs and have been terribly dissapointed with the service we receive in general.
Jeff (author)
Jan 04, 2017
9:12 AM
Thank you so much for your visit and your pos here!

I would agree that the cough could definately be unrelated. Your pup could have contracted kennel cough somehow, have a touch of collapsed trachia (although a bit more rare in bigger dogs like yours), or even acquired canine influenza to some degree.

Notice how the problem seems to subside when you travel out of the area with him. Allergies persist like this as well.

The proucts in the report will boost his immunity and in my opinion help greatly.

Reach me ANY time!


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