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How do you know the dog is getting rid of worms?
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Oct 05, 2016
5:51 AM
Hi - I have a 56 lb German Shepherd rescue who was recently diagnosed in Sept as heartworm positive (including Antigen positive) and the only thing on the report it says is "Many Microfalaire seen". I do not want to take the route of the vet's protocol and will start your routine this week.

Question #1: Is there an easy to read schedule for using these products?

Question #2: How do you know when the worms are dead and leaving the body/system? Do they poop them out?
Jeff (author)
Oct 05, 2016
2:41 PM
Hi "M",

Thank you so much for visiting and posting!

Having Micros in the blood definately advises that your pet has adult worms present. The products shared at the bottom of page 2 will succeed at assisting in the removal of these micros and the adults.

Do note that your questions can be easily answered by way of obtaining the report that this site offers.

Feel free to email me ANY time!

2 posts
Oct 06, 2016
8:54 AM
Thank you - I have downloaded the report and already bought the products and will start the regimen as soon as I get them!
Nov 16, 2016
7:55 AM
I have downloaded and read the report and have ordered and received the product, Scram. My almost-2-year-old English Pointer that we rescued two weeks ago came to us with a heartworm positive diagnosis so, we took her to our vet immediately. He diagnosed her with a skin infection and had her on a ten day regimen of Cephalexin. Is it okay to begin her on Scram while she is on the Cephalexin or, should we wait until her antibiotic treatment is completed? She has three more days of antibiotics to take.

Also,she weighs 40.8 pounds. What is the schedule for Scram for a dog of that weight?
Jeff (author)
Nov 19, 2016
5:51 PM
Hi Stacy,

It is fine to begin the regimen while on the conventional meds. Not a problem.

The dosage schedule is shared on page 16 of the report!

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