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Soon to start!!
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Ania A.
Aug 24, 2016
7:36 AM
Hi there!
I have a 9yo female Alaskan Malamute that was diagnosed about 6 months ago (vet said it was a very mild case) and I've been researching to the ends of the earth trying to find an alternative option...lucky to have found this. I bought and read your book and am curious if her breed may have anything in her DNA that could cause concerns going forward. She isn't fixed (haven't been able to do so because her immune system has been flip flopping too much the last few years and she's had her fair share of antibiotics). Shes pretty low on activity level so I'm not worried about her getting too excited, she isn't coughing, not really anyways. She might do a little cough once in a while but it's similar to drinking too much water too quickly and I remember her doing it years ago so I'm not too worried about it. She's also currently on a thyroid medication due to hypothyroidism. Is there a risk her body may not accept all your herbal supplements because of the Levothyroxine ? I'm hoping the supplements also help rid her body of underlying skin issues she's had that no one can explain...besides having hypothyroidism.
Thank you for your help!!
If easier please email me at aapicionek@gmail.com

Ania (& Dakota)
Jeff (author)
Aug 25, 2016
9:06 AM
Hello Ania,

I will reach you via email on this as well. It is extremely good news to hear that she is coughing so little.

That would have me believe that she would be into a light to mid-range stage 2 (of 4 overall stages) of infection. This is going to be real easy for her to overcome as the next few months progress.

I would think that a couple cycles of Scram usage would do her fine. You do not have to have any concern about reactions by way of "mixing" the conventional and natural protocols here either.

Keep me posted,

1 post
Aug 05, 2017
4:14 PM
Hi Ania,

Just checking in to see how the hear how the Scram worked for you. I have been using it according to Jeff's directions on my puppy for her first year and just sent in the heartworm kit to see if she is positive or negative for heartworms.
Ania and Dakota
Dec 15, 2017
11:01 AM
I’m a little late posting this but after the suggested rounds of SCRAM and additional supplements Dakota’s results came back negative ??!!!

She doesn’t look sickly and lethargic anymore, nor does she sleep the entire day.

I’m going to start her on a once a week preventative to make sure all those weeks didn’t go to waste.

I’m really really grateful to have found this information and am very glad I trusted my heart to start the process.

It didn’t hurt me to try, I just didn’t want to try the toxic route.

Happy Holidays!!!

Ania and Dakota

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