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Unable to find link to heartworm test kit?
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Lea Ann
Jul 10, 2016
9:09 AM
Hello! Many thanks in advance if someone can help me find the link to order the at home heartworm test kit. I am unable to find it on the page I was taken to from the Ebook/Guide.
Jeff (author)
Jul 10, 2016
7:58 PM
Hi Lea,

The heartworm test kit to obtain is found at the bottom of this page:

Feel free to email me directly if needing any further assistance!

Jeff (author)
Apr 09, 2017
5:27 PM
It is at that page under "misc. products mentioned in the book"

It is an link, just so you know..

Apr 24, 2019
4:54 PM
None of the links work anymore is there a reason for that. This link you posted is not a link. Just text.
Jeff (author)
May 07, 2019
10:54 AM
Yes, its because this site platform sux! I need to go WordPress and rebuild the entire thing!!

Just copy and paste the text above, as this message board platform is incapable of showing a live link.


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