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Keeping dogs quiet/confined during treatment.
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Jun 11, 2016
6:34 PM
Oops - accidentally mis-posted this under a different thread so I'm re-posting here:

I've read about various natural/alternative heartworm treatments that don't require your dog to be kenneled/discouraged from exercise for 2 months, which is one of the "selling points" for alternative treatment, but I'm wondering WHY this is not necessary with the alternative treatments. My understanding with the traditional treatment is that they need to be kept quiet during the last 2 months of treatment so that when the adult heartworms die off they do not break apart and enter the lungs or blood stream, causing an embolism. But since the natural/alternative treatments also theoretically kill off the adult worms, why would this not be a concern with the natural treatments as well?
Jeff (author)
Jun 16, 2016
9:46 PM
Hi Kelly,

Well, in the report I definately do recommend that a dog is kept quiet ongoing, as it takes upwards of two to three additional months (after) the natural treatment process to completely rid a dog of the dead worm segments.

Now, depending on how badly infected the dog was in any given example, and the size of the dog, you may read here that the need for keeping still is in some cases not as great as others.

I hope this helps,

Sep 27, 2016
10:49 AM
I decided to do asecond round of scram for my dog because I suspect him of being heavily infectected.I am onthe second portion of round two.I have two other dogs and its been hard to keep my sick dog still but,lately when he has been active he has blood coming out his mouth.He still eats and drinks he has been licking his legs alot.Any advice?

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