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Stages of heartworm
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Mar 28, 2016
6:14 AM
My 9 year old Husky is coughing and I believe it's heart worms. I just started her on the protocol. She still has a healthy appetite just not as active. No weight loss. I'm just wondering if we are too late and should go a different route or continue with your protocol. I hestitate a vet visit because I know what they will say. I also know that' prescription heartworm preventatives will get rid of heartworm because my Mom and Dad had a stray show up and she was not a good candidate for the treatment so they recommended just using the pills. She was an older dog at them time of diagnosis several years ago and died last year. So she lived a great life after just using the pills.
Jeff (author)
Mar 28, 2016
1:03 PM
I am thrilled you have acquired product that is recommended from the site.

It really comes down to you making a decision on how to proceed, based on your faith of natural remedy vs. conventional treatment.

Cost should be a consideration as well. It is important to share with you at this point though that I have been successfully removing heartworms naturally for nearly ten years now, with the same product you now have.

Begin the protocol, have hope and faith, watch the positive results begin to manifest, and never look back!!

Mar 28, 2016
2:40 PM
Thank you! I totally believe in your regimen! I just pray that she isn't too advanced. She was not coughing last week. And was playful. It's so weird but I do recognize the cough since I heard how the dog I mentioned in my first post was coughing/hacking.
Like I said, her appetite is normal but energy level isn't. That's what has me concerned. She is older but she's also a husky. Which are high strung.
I also ordered the Hawthorne today since I read that I could use it along side the regimen.
I will keep you posted! This information is such a Godsend! I've told others about it. I'm using it as a preventative for my 2 chihuahuas as well!
Thank you so much!
Elizabeth Absher
Apr 01, 2016
12:54 PM
I went back through the report and found my answers.

Also read some posts here! I'm still seeing improvement. She wanted to play this morning. :) I made her calm down but that was a welcomed sight. Did my heart good.

I started Hawthorne yesterday and found a better way to administer her meds. I read where someone was using velveeta and she gobbled it up. Not the healthiest product but if it helps her take her med I'm ok with that.

Just want to thank you again for all the research you've done in order to help us all!

Neeless to say; I'm am in totally awe! My Gracie girl is on her way back! In just 5 days.

She has gone from coughing with any exertion to doing it rarely now. And it's brief! I can tell she's still weak and gets short of breath but I'm so glad to see this amount of improvement in such a short amount of time.

We start our break tomorrow!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Elizabeth Absher
2 posts
Apr 18, 2016
2:11 AM
Hi, Jeff!
I emailed last night but wanted to post here as well. My Gracie is coughing again after 2.5 weeks of not coughing at all. We are on our 3 days break before strarting the 4th round of our 1st cycle. I had been so optimistic until yesterday. I just need some reassurance. And am beginning to consider using the slow kill method from the vet. Because I KNOW that works. No, I don't like that it's poison but I'm scared at this point.
I just need to know if this coughing again is common and is to be expected or is this out of the ordinary. She is on Hawthorne as well.
Worried fur Momma here!

Last Edited by Elizabeth Absher on Apr 18, 2016 2:12 AM
Jeff (author)
Apr 18, 2016
9:25 AM
Hi again Elizabeth,

I got just responded to your email and yes, it is absolutely, positively normal for coughing to either persist continually or in intermittent cycles throughout the entire 3 month dosage campaign and beyond.

Keep in mind that the heartworms die and emulsify "behind the scenes" via a dog's lungs. Heartworm cough is nothing more than the symptom of this occurance.

Even when a heartworm officially dies, its body begins to break away in segments in the lungs and still causes the same "congestion" for upwards of 3 additional months. Hense, coughing.

Regarding the slow kill method..be sure to read "what if my dog is not..." at my faq page.

It will bring you up to speed behind the slow kill method and the fact that it was created for nothing more than continuing revenue when immiticide ran out a few years ago.

Its a real eye-opener, no doubt. May even make you quite upset at the whole pharmacy agenda.

Apr 19, 2016
7:42 AM
Thanks again for your help and guidance!
Jun 11, 2016
6:31 PM
I've read about various natural/alternative heartworm treatments that don't require your dog to be kenneled/discouraged from exercise for 2 months, which is one of the "selling points" for alternative treatment, but I'm wondering WHY this is not necessary with the alternative treatments. My understanding with the traditional treatment is that they need to be kept quiet during the last 2 months of treatment so that when the adult heartworms die off they do not break apart and enter the lungs or blood stream, causing an embolism. But since the natural/alternative treatments also theoretically kill off the adult worms, why would this not be a concern with the natural treatments as well?
Jeff (author)
Jun 15, 2016
10:54 PM
Hi Kelly,

Well, in the report I definately do recommend that a dog is kept quiet ongoing, as it takes upwards of two to three additional months (after) the natural treatment process to completely rid a dog of the dead worm segments.

Now, depending on how badly infected the dog was in any given example, and the size of the dog, you may read here that the need for keeping still is in some cases not as great as others.

I hope this helps,

Sep 18, 2016
7:46 PM
Hi Jeff,

Our lab was diagnosed last week after a visit to the vet due to some fluid retention we noticed. The vet stated she must have heart worms only in one side of the heart which is causing fluid retention in her belly instead of her lungs so she put her on some meds (vetmedin,Enalapril and Lasix Disal) to "get the fluid off and we would go from there". I asked her what stage she thought she was in and she said, 3... however she isnt coughing or maybe I just dont know if she is?! Is this coughing like a persistent cough, something I wouldn't be able to miss?

We started with your regimen 2 days ago as well as the meds the vet prescribed to help her get some of this fluid off (or so I was told) and my 8 year old lab is feeling and acting so much better. Im just not sure how long I should continue with those meds the vet persribed or perhaps would there be an alternative that is more natural?

We have a follow up appointment next week, to "check her progress and talk about HW treatment"... I have read your reports and bought the items listed. I just cant put my old dog through the other alternatives.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Jeff (author)
Sep 19, 2016
11:38 AM
Hi Mandy,

I would have to concur. I think its safe to say that I too would seek non-conventional treatment.

I would also go on to say that if a dog is NOT coughing, that said canine would be in early stage 2 (of 4 overall stages) of infection, if that.

Follow the regimen (as if infected) and all will be stellar for this poochie!

The diuretic meds she is on should come to a close by your visit next week regardless. Not a problem to use til then.

Reach me ANY time!

1 post
Mar 21, 2017
6:47 PM
Hi Jeff,
I was told by the vet today my 9 yr old Lab has a recurrence of Lyme disease and has developed heartworms.I am completely lost with all this.Doxycycline five tabs daily for 60 days for Lyme.Friday I take him back for Xrays.Todays visit cost $800.Just the thought of anything happening to this dog tearing me up-please help me with this.He has a appetite and no coughing,very tired after three injections today for his regular shots.
Jeff (author)
Mar 23, 2017
11:56 AM
Hello Deb and thank you for this share.

You mention the Boo is very tired but NOT coughing. My first question is: Was he ever coughing to begin with?
If so, for how many months?

Reach me via email at: assist@alternativeheartwormcure.com with your answer. We will pick up from there!


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