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Using Garlic (I am holistic too)
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Feb 09, 2016
2:29 PM
I'm very holistically oriented. I've seen amazing things from just a few things in my cabinet. I use GSE, enzymes, carnitine and taurine and those resolve almost every issue with dogs. However... heartworms... I have a very young small dog (7 lbs)... tested 2 times to be sure for heartworms... comes back positive. So I want to do natural but I'm just worried will it work? What are the numbers of how many have worked with this? Before I order the report a very important issue... do you recommend garlic... because that is one herb I tried and I find it makes small dogs very sick very quickly. I discontinued use of it and now go exclusively with GSE. Please advise.

Jeff (author)
Feb 10, 2016
10:08 AM
Hi Kim,

I don’t personally give my dogs garlic. Any benefits they might get from its use, they receive from other natural supplementation. Some dog’s livers will react poorly to Garlic use. This might have been the case with your little one.

Using Grape Seed extract is smart. Among other things, it can aid greatly in resolving any allergies that a dog may otherwise exhibit having.

Regarding the report and its shared products efficacy in removing heartworms; I’d say that the number of successes that the site has experienced since 2009 would be well over fifteen hundred anyway.

Keep in mind, that there are not tons of people web-searching “natural” resolve for heartworms, sadly. The site averages 170 visits per day/year round. Near half of those “bounce” out from their landing page immediately, never to return.

What is left of those visitors obtains the report at a rate of 22 per week (or 1,400 report owners per year). Of that figure, I would have to think that not all of them decide to utilize the ingredients. But this figure I do not know.

What is most important is the number of seemingly “failures” the regimen has experienced. That number is 1. I have ONE dog (occurring as I write this, as a matter of fact) that the owner continues to advise me of - that cannot seem to shake her infection.

It’s maddening what this owner is going through with what seems to me to be a unscrupulous vet and his ongoing “test” results. I can’t make her get a 2nd opinion, nor is she invited back to witness the testing.

But when a dog has been on the regimen for nearly two years now, has zero symptoms and is perfectly healthy, yet still gets feedback that she is infected - it’s quite frustrating, to say the least.

Thank you for the post!

Dr Horn
Apr 05, 2016
3:47 AM
You do realize that both garlic and grapes are toxic to dogs????
Jeff (author)
Apr 05, 2016
7:15 PM
Yes Doctor, I would definitely agree that the "flesh" of grapes is toxic to dogs and most cats as there are constituent ingredients in grape and raisin flesh that can cause renal failure.

However grape seed extract or oil is not toxic.

Regarding Garlic use with dogs; Its been my experience over the years that the jury is still out on that one.

It seems to depend on the breed for the most part, but also; one dog may have a better digestive tolerance than the next.

As I stated above, I'm not a big fan of garlic use in canines for the most part.

Thank you for the posts people!

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2:15 AM
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