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Looks like this is it!  Stopped using HWF..
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Feb 19, 2015
7:22 PM
Hello Jeff,

I am excited to have found your site. I ordered your e-book and just now ordered one of the products for my HW positive dog, Holly.

Two and a half years ago I picked Holly up at a church where she was abandoned. She was HW positive then. I worked with Amber Technologies in their trial program since then. But after all this time she is still heart worm positive. When I suggested adding other things to her protocol I was released from the trial program.

I researched a lot about heart worms in this time and discovered that a bacteria, Wolbachia, lives symbiotically in the heart worm. The doxycycline is administered first to kill the microfilaria and also the Wolbachia or at least weaken them.

I'm not a big fan of drugs so I decide to give Holly Colloidal silver instead of the doxycycline. She also had several blood test done and here liver enzymes were really high and blood platelets were very low. So I ordered one of the cleansing products from the report too.

I am going to order pycnogenol to help with her blood as I want to help her not get any thrombosis as the worms are dying.

Another thing I will do is add some fresh ground organic pepper to her raw food as I read that it increases absorption of nutrients, vitamins etc by 30%. I have Kidney Support from Amber tech and also their Hawthorn tincture. Do you feel these products are good? I read what you wrote about HWF and I now will agree with you.

Also do you think this is all too much at once for her? I've been dealing with this for two years hoping with each HW test to be negative. In this time I've only heard her cough two or three times.

It is good knowing you are there to converse with as I go through this with her ... still.

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Linda J
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Feb 22, 2015
10:09 AM
Thank you Jeff for your response.

I did read your FAQ on the Wolbachia . According to Wikipedia (and I do realize that the information there has to be viewed with a jaundice eye at times) reported that Wobachia was first identified in 1924 by Marshall Hertig and S Burt Wolbach. I looked up the later to see if he was even a real person on the net and he was. I didn't take any time to investigate this person any further.

I also searched for other references to Wolbachia and there was plenty. I know this doesn't mean that Wolbachia does live in the heart worm. I'm not intelligent enough to read any BS in papers when written by professionals that want their view presented while omitting other info that is contrary to their view. That said I will continue to use colloidal silver as part of the protocol that you suggest.

With Curcumin and pycnogenol I did the same, trying to find the comparison. I chose Pycnogenol for its properties of helping with the elasticity of the cardiovascular system so dead worms might move through more easily and not get hung up on the endothelial lining. It may be considered expensive but cheap compared to conventional protocol.

The reason I am not going with Curcumin at this point is of the lack of bioavailability. I found two products with "promising results" and their price was similar to that of pycnogenol. I appreciate that you said that these are on your top five favorites list. It makes choosing either correct.

Just an aside, Holly loves to go out in lay in the sunshine even when it is sweltering hot here in Memphis. So maybe that is what has kept her from progressing to the latter stages of heart worm disease.

When a vet uses a scare tactic with me I do react with tension but then go home and search the net for other info. I do not trust big pharma in the least. Their fiduciary responsibility is to the stock holders not the health of people or animals. Any references to the invention of Wolbachia or curcumin.

I am so looking forward to this protocol and the final results. When she is HW clear every one I know will hear about it and how it happened.

To all of our health
Linda Sealey

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LInda June
Apr 28, 2015
7:09 PM

I just started the last 10 days of the whole protocol of 2 caps per day for Holly and then she gets a break for a few months before I test her for HW.

She has never cough a hacking cough since I've had her,now 3 years. But she does a reverse snort kind of thing that I read others describe. This has me concerned a bit. In your opinion should I give her the three month break before I test her but continue with the product suggested in the report.

Your support is much appreciated.
Linda Sealey
Jeff (author)
Apr 29, 2015
8:23 AM
Hi Linda,

I believe you are referring to reverse sneezing. This is really just an effect from a cause, based usually on a dog's intolerance to exercise, eating or drinking too fast, or even excitement.

You need to evaluate when it occurs to then begin to know how to help avoid it from happening. Give Holly some Elecampane root. It will help bunches I bet.

You can certainly continue the protocol ongoing for another month if you like. I'd say you should obtain a test kit in mmmmm, probably 10 weeks from now.

Happy times!!

Filomena Mills
Jul 28, 2020
11:46 AM
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