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best time to dose?
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Jan 20, 2015
9:24 AM
Hi Jeff,

very happy i found your page with all the great info you've compiled. as an herbalist in training i know the effectiveness of these plants and am very hopeful they will work.

my Q is in regards to the 1st product you mention in the report. when do you think is the best time to administer the meds? in morning or night? before, after or with food?

also, when a half capsule is needed, whats the best way to administer? open and pour half into food, water, ???

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Jeff (author)
Jan 20, 2015
9:45 PM
Im glad you are happy with the info thus far! I have always preferred night time to admin doses, but it really does not matter. The "half capsule" dose is really just a measuring term. Simply give an extra capsule one day, maybe 1 less the next..

Or, you can certainly choose to actually break one open and somehow attempt to hide the powder inside of food, etc. Dogs are smart though! They won't appreciate the not-so-yummy flavor of it and may therefore avoid that portion of food!


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