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Number of break days to weekly maintenance
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Oct 03, 2014
9:00 PM

My dogs are undergoing the last, 10th week, of the HW treatment protocol. I am unsure of the number of break days before beginning weekly maintenance.

Note: The treated dogs do not have fleas or ticks. They also, unbelievably, seem to be in a better frame of mind. Perhaps, they feel better.

I am eagerly looking forword to testing for heartworm in about 3 months.

So, when do I start the general maintenance, and at how much to give them?

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Oct 04, 2014
3:11 PM
Hi Chuck,

Give them a 1 week break, then just follow the dosage protocol found on page 16 of the report for your sized-dogs

That's it. Feel free to pick up some heartworm tests here at the site in a few months from now and retest em!


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