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Just Diagnosed
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Aug 13, 2014
5:29 AM
I have a 6 year old 17 pound male Sheltie named Taylor. I took him to a new vet because he had diarreah and over the counter meds weren't working. In the process of doing blood work the vet informed me he had heartworms. This was a shock since he gets his shots and uses Revolution--and has since he was 8 weeks old. The vet wants to administer the arsenic rapid cure within a week. Somehow this seems very drastic and against all logic. Can I begin your therapy instead or will I just be providing Taylor with a slower death. We also have a 4 year old female who has not yet been retested. Thank you for any advice you can provide.
Jeff (author)
Aug 13, 2014
10:15 AM
Hi Michelle,

The first thing to consider here is the integrity of this new vet. As much as a Vet may love animals, they are in a business that needs to generate money. And some approach this fact differently than others. If, in fact your pup has heartworms, its only going to in late stage 1 or early stage 2 (since he is not coughing).

We can resolve this issue extremely easily with the protocol found within your report. Easy-peezy!
Once on his new regimen, you can toss the Revolution chemical!

talk soon,


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Aug 18, 2014
6:57 PM
Michelle I have to share with you that a little over six months ago I started My dog Max (heart worm positive at the time) on one of the products that Jeff lists. Its in his report and I later happened to locate the same product at a local health food store.

Last Thursday (Aug 2014) I took Max to his appointment to have his blood work done for checking for “Heart worms” I am SO proud to let everyone know that he is now “NEGATIVE” IT WORKED, IT WORKED!! I jumped up and down and then cried in my vet’s office! I promise you WE do not have to poison our beloved pets!!

I cannot believe that the vet wanted almost $1,200 dollars to give my dog arsenic TALK ABOUT ROBBERY and CRUELTY!! It’s a sick sick world! I will be using this for prevention as well.

Prayers to your baby Michelle.....Have faith, go strictly by Jeff’s protocol and recheck blood work I know you will not be sorry! You too will be jumping for joy and crying!!

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