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Worried But Still Hopeful
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Jul 20, 2014
4:30 PM
We rescued a dog from a vet that was heading to the pound. We knew she was heartworm positive and didn't stand a good chance at living if sent to the pound. She is a small terrier mix breed and she was completing her "cycle" when we got her. We have no idea what her age is. We have only had her for 1 week (no history on her). I started one of your protocols on Wednesday and today is the 5th day (she will get a 3 day break). She is full of energy and appears happy, yet malnourished. She has gained 1 pound in the week we've had her. I boil organ meats for my dogs and mix with carrots and parsley. I also sprinkle nutritional yeast and a commercial brand of digestive enzymes and probiotics on their food. I mix with a high quality chicken and rice commercial mix so that I feel confident about their nutrition. My current dog is on heartguard and I plan on stopping it, once the new dog is healed. Back to the new dog: her eyes are clear and she does have horrible breath - but I think it's gotten better. Yet today, day 5 of the treatment is the first day I have heard her cough. I was very confident before I heard the cough. Now I'm worried. Can you advise me? Thanks.
Jeff (author)
Jul 21, 2014
5:30 PM
Wow Shonda,

You are administering quite the impressive food plan for these dogs! This new family member is going to have it made. But we gotta get her all better first!

The cough is probably coming in at a time where we could simply consider it just timing in her infection process.
Now that you are on a treatment track, the cough will be gone soon enough (before it ever even really gets started).

The bad breath is caused by bacteria. Most probably due to a bad gum issue or even a tooth. Obtain a bottle of Colloidal silver from Amazon or a local health food store and begin to give her a teaspoon of it a day for 7 days, then take a 5 day break and repeat.

This will bring nice breath back by destroying the bacteria in her mouth, etc., all while achieving bunches of other health benefits behind the scenes that we don't even know about!

let us all know how you do


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