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More treatment success stories !!
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Jul 06, 2014
7:57 PM
If they are multiple, inexpensive treatments, why is it that we would need to order a guide, instead of having them disclosed publicly? If an animal lover, would this information not be accessed freely, in a proactive manner? Also, it seems as if testimonials are lite on the message board. I want to believe there is a better way of heart worm treatment and prevention, yet the vagueness makes it difficult to believe. I would appreciate input from others, including the publisher, in assurance that this is actually a legitimate process, and why it isn't freely accessed. Thanks
Jeff (author)
Jul 07, 2014
11:28 PM
This is a very interesting and worthy question that you have posted.

You have inspired me to actually create an entire page on this topic, as I did not want to leave my fairly lengthy response here on the board.

Please find my response link located on the upper portion of page 3 (kill all worms and mange page), found just a few paragraphs down.

Thank you for the inquiry,


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Aug 17, 2014
4:47 PM
I have an 8 year old dog that tested positive for heartworms and we were given the arsenic proposal by the vet and thought that there must be a better way. When we found the Alternative Heartworm Cure web page we were happy to pay for the information. We now have the book and many other publications that make our dog's life healthier. By having the book on hand we can refer to it at any time - and we have referred to it quite frequently as our treatment progressed. The other reason we are glad to pay for the book is that Jeff (author) continues to give support for questions that come up and I wouldn't expect him to continue to communicate with so many people for free. He is always there when we need him and need help.
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Aug 18, 2014
6:48 PM
I could not wait to get back from the Vet’s office and post that I am SO HAPPY to report that my baby Max is now “Negative” Jeff’s Protocol Truly Works! I jumped up and down in my vet’s office like a kid and then I cried!! I wanted to let you know that I used one of the products that Jeff lists in the report and I am just so thrilled that I did not have to poison my dog with arsenic like the vet wanted to do.

This really makes me sad when I think of all the dogs that have been through that and will go through that. I have now screamed from the top of my lungs that I / We saved Max’s Life by giving him Natural Holistic Herbs to kill heart worms. I will most def. be using this for prevention as well.

Thank you so much Jeff for caring and sharing!! I could never repay you for what you have done for us ~ We all have to make a living in this world so why would anyone cry for paying a reasonable amount for information that is healthy and a safe way. I could never repay you enough for helping my sweet loving Max. You will never be forgotten for helping me Jeff!!

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Jeff (author)
Aug 18, 2014
7:58 PM

I am so happy for you and Max!! Tremendous news, without a doubt.

Luvin them Doggies is what I do !! ALL OF Em!
We all know though that the fight must go on, sadly. There are plenty of canines out there that are not quite as lucky as Max....yet!

The site and it's resolve will keep on...keepin on!


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Aug 23, 2014
9:17 AM
I'm just starting this site's treatment of our shepherd-mix dog, and so glad to find this alternative and have hope for help from Jeff and others who have found success with this regimen. Thank you, Jeff.

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Alvin Newmarker
May 16, 2015
12:57 PM

With desperation and tons of hope, we began your report's regimen back at Christmas time (near 5 months ago), and decided to retest our collie this month. We just knew she was going to be fine because she has seemed lately to be in the best health EVER!

She is negative!!! No more heartworms! You are amazing and we thank god for natural curing now, and thank him for you too Jeff

We could not be more happy to know we did this with all of the best for our baby by avoiding the poisonous route.

Forever in your debt,

Alvin, Mary, and "Lady"

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