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lady just tested heartworm positive
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May 10, 2014
7:08 AM
Hey Jeff. I just read about ur site and all the info that is in ur book. No i havent got the book yet. this is my first time finding ur site. My german Shepard Lady is 3 years old, she had her her annual check up yesterday and everything came out good except she did test positive for heartworms. im not sure what stage she is in yet or how long she has had it. I did not have her on any preventative at all. The reason for that is my aunts dog and my sister-inlaw had teir dogs on a preventative and their dogs got heartworms not only once but twice. where do i go from here? is their anyway to find out what stage she is in?
Jeff (author)
May 10, 2014
10:46 AM
I'm glad you happened upon the site. If your Shep is not even coughing yet, this will be a piece of cake!

It would then be assumed that Lady is somewhere between late stage one and early/mid stage 2 infection.
Dogs ALWAYS do tremendous with natural protocol at these stages. Easy peezy.

Email me directly if any further questions.

1 post
May 24, 2014
3:44 PM
Hey Jeff,

My dog Max just tested positive for heart-worms a day ago. He is a 2 Siberian husky. I noticed him coughing a couple of days ago but I didn't think anything of it until the Weds. I came home and he blood was everywhere.
He is on antibiotics, vitamin k,and a steroid. I would love to have some quick positive results.
What can I do since the vet doesn't want to start treatment until after he finish these meds.


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