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Thankful for your site & report..
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Apr 24, 2014
7:59 AM
Hi Jeff,
I just read your report and I'm very thankful for your wealth of knowledge. I also appreciated your writing style and making it relatable and easy to read. :-)

I have a question on the dosages for my puppy Zoey she's 15 weeks tomorrow and she's about 4.5Lbs. I was going with the second company on the list. Also will I be doing this as an ongoing prevention treatment and if so how many bottles will I need to order? I like to stock up.

Thank you,
jeff (author)
Apr 24, 2014
9:55 AM
Hello Myra,

I am happy you are finding benefit in the site and it's report! Looks like you are going with the liquid product. Very cost effective. One bottle will last you probably 8 months with that sized dog.

Put 5 to 6 drops in her water maybe twice a week. that's it. Best 13 or so dollars you will ever spend on heartworm prevention, I can assure you of that!
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