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Hawthorn for 14 wk old pup?
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Apr 21, 2014
6:58 PM
Hi Jeff,
I have a 14 week puppy and would like to know if I should test her for heart worms before starting the prevention treatment of Hawthorne.
Jeff (author)
Apr 21, 2014
8:21 PM
Hi Myra,

It is important to note that Hawthorn is not for prevention of heartworms! Read more about it on page one of the site.

It would not be necessary to test such a young pup for heartworms. The worst she could have is stage 1 microfilaria (micro-baby heartworms).

Start a natural preventative regimen from the report, and she will be all set.... for ever! You will never have to give her toxic prevention.

Lucky doggie! Jeff

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