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I need some testimonies
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Jan 11, 2014
10:44 AM
My boyfriend and I have a beautiful dog that is about ten years old, just found out she has heart worms...he is not sold on the alternative ways because he says that there are no reliable sources that show how any of this has been affective...one being that there is not a huge report of how successful this procedure is on this website. We don't have 6 months to play around. Please, if this has actually CURED your dog...please respond in favor...I need the support to stop chemicals from being pumped into Bella! Thank you.-Carrie
Dan A.
2 posts
Jan 28, 2014
9:17 PM
Hey Carrie,

I originally put my Yorkie on 2 of the hand full of products that this site recommends back in mid September. I saw your post a few days ago while getting a couple of test kits but didn't want to reply until we got the kits and tested Sam because it was finally time.

I am so happy now as I write this I can't stand it. He tested Negative!! We even used the 2nd kit 2 days later just to be sure and same thing. My aunt had a great turn out some time back too from this site we believe.

I give 5 stars if they were available to give !!

Best of luck with your dog - Dan Adler
Feb 24, 2014
9:48 PM
Dan and Sue,

I am about to start my 2 year old lab mix on this treatment. I got her from a shelter and she tested positive on her first pet visit a couple of days ago.

What products did you use? How are they working?

I am a first time dog owner - I always had them growing up but this is my first to own by myself and I am having a lot of "new mommy" worries.


Debra Reed
1 post
Mar 17, 2014
5:43 AM
I started a rescued Boxer who is 3 years old and heart worm positive on this treatment 9.5 weeks ago. I have been very pro active in his treatment. In the second week of treatment the Heart Worm Hack was gone. Now, as I am finishing up the 10 th week he has started passing the dead worms. Gross! but I really am THRILLED to see it. One Happy Momma and One Excited Boxer! Hard part now is to keep him calm. He just wants to Jump for Joy. He is so much better it's Awesome. I am so glad I didn't choose the traditional poison method of treatment.
Jeff (author)
Mar 17, 2014
4:06 PM
That is great news. The 2nd positive report on a boxer in 2 days! What's with all the boxers? lol.

I am puzzled Debbie. You stated that he is passing his heartworms now. I am assuming you mean via his stool. This cannot be. Dogs' systems emulsify heartworms verrrry slowly "behind the scenes", internally via their circulatory system.

He must be passing tapeworms segments, or hook worm possibly.. but even those guys should have been passed like 5 to 6 weeks ago. No matter. All good.

Im very happy for you, but you need to continue to keep him still for another 5 or 6 weeks. This due to a potential "clogging" of a given artery by a dead worm segment !!

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