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test kit worked very well, but is positive...
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Patrick Kensings
Sep 26, 2013
8:23 PM
Jeff the test kit worked very well. It showed the result in like less than a minute. The finger pricker thing worked perfect. That is a really good idea. Sadly though he does in-fact have heartworms but his energy is still great. Time to act I guess.

Thank you for accepting my order for another kit at a discount after the fact.

pat and louise
Jan 11, 2014
10:47 AM
Did you go with protocol from this website? And how is it working?
Patrick Kensings
Jan 19, 2014
1:07 PM
Yes. We had received our order for two of the recommended remedies at the end of September from the sites' ebook. Our terrier was beginning to cough a bit back in Sept. so we suspected heart worms.
He stopped coughing after about 3 weeks on the products.
These days he is extremely energetic and I am here getting a 3rd test kit to recheck him with soon. Hope this helps you with your decisions.

We would highly recommend this site to anyone that has a dog, The expertise and passion the site owner has is very special and appreciated by our entire family.

Pat Kensings
Pat Kensings
Apr 22, 2014
9:04 PM
Hi Jeff,

Our dog went on the report's remedies last September. We tested him in Jan here at the house and he is fine!

But what is funny is this: He had to go to our vet Monday due to a sprain in his leg and the vet SWEARS we must of got him treated at a different vet last year! He can't believe the natural stuff did it!!

He even tested him right there on his own because of our story. Real funny reaction !

Luv ya bud! Pat and Louise

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