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Hello  and thank  you for  visiting  the site!   I have had a fascination with healing the body through the many ways available, naturally that is, since I was a teenager.  In the early days I could not get  enough  of  all of  the  information  out there pertaining to acupunture, herbal remedy, and even healing through frequencies (eg. Dr. Royal Rife generator - frequency list, among others). 


My initial niche as an herbalist was magnetic therapies, homeopathic herbs, and early eastern medicine.  Later, I would find my place in the world of cellular and microbial function with regard to human viruses and bacterial infections, and how to overcome them using nature's incredible antibiotics.  I also became proficient in the natural methods of cleaning the body of toxins and parasites.    


As this little known market has seen a huge growth for people in my field over the last fifteen years or so,  I have witnessed how online colleges world-wide and independent schools now offer degrees in naturopathic medicine.  I was lucky to get a few years up on what would soon become an important, much needed,  and very real service!  My knowledge of how to heal naturally has now grown into my sharing of this heartworm site with you here today as well.  


I must confess to you that I originally thought of the idea of this site back in 2003. What was quite significant to me then was that there was not ONE SINGLE website to be found sharing such an idea as holistic heartworm remedy.  Not one! I would have been the pioneer so-to-speak of such a service had I created the site then. 


Heck, now many ads proclaiming natural heartworm remedy click you right over to the big guys selling the regular "toxic" monthly preventatives!  Ugh.  Not too natural but yet the reader had to click on it just to find that out!!  Other click-throughs send desperate readers needing immediate solutions for their pets into forums where people are merely sharing how to keep mosquitos from biting your dog and such! Yet you clicked on it because it captioned "natural heartworm cure" or something of the like.  Therefore you wasted more time on the click...again.   Enough already!


So, here I was in 2008, 2009 spending hundreds of hours reviewing tons of sites,  seeing it was very obvious to me that someone with real knowledge needed to sort through these sites and find ones that knew what they were talking about and had created product to prove their knowledge.   That's when I finally began work on, and complete this site, some 6 years after the initial idea.  It is safe to say that no one online I have come across to this day offers such a "consolidation" of the best of the best products, and history, etc. for heartworm removal in pets.  Perhaps I am a pioneer... of this concept, at least!  


It makes me very happy to bring this knowledge to you as I know it will help your family expedite immediate relief for your pet from here on out through the remainder of his or her years with you.  As a huge side benefit, you the owner will gain financially with what you are about to learn as the information revealed in the report removes you from all immediate and future costs pertaining to parasites and their prevention. 


Not to mention the money saved from avoiding traditional and very expensive actual heartworm treatment should your pet be teetering on the need of that decision.  I say with the greatest of confidence you now officially have the ability as the pets' owner to avoid such a decision.


Enjoy the information and research and thank you very much for visiting,


Jeff  Battershaw






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