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A short animated video that depicts the signs of heartworm symptoms/infection process and covers some consequences associated with heartworm in dogs.  It advocates urgency for a resolve as it enlightens the viewer that every day of infection matters.


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Symptoms of heartworms in dogs - heartworm stages and their effects


Pet owners should become suspicious of heartworms in their dogs if theirs begins to show certain "traditional" indications such as the most common clinical signs of; chronic coughing, tiring easily, unwillingness to exercise, difficulty breathing, lethargy, an enlarging abdomen, collapsing.   The video above certainly prompts reasons why timing is critical.  Pet owners MUST decide quickly how to proceed as every day matters.


Note that if a dog is mearly entering into, or mid-way through the 2nd stage (roughly) of the disease, occasional coughing would really be the only symptom you would see prevalent.  Liver and Kidney damage would be at a minimum if at all.  Acting quickly on which treatment method you choose for your companion is essential now. 


However, by the time your pet shows some of the advanced heartworm symptoms  shown above combined;

  • damage to the heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs has began or is well advanced into 3rd or final (4th) stage. 
  • Infection has been present for more than 9 or 10 months. 


It now becomes clear that the dog in question is indeed in the final stages of the disease.  Note there can be further symptoms of heartworms in dogs but above are noted most.  If your pet is showing these symptoms, you must decide extremely quickly which path of correction you will be taking.  Heart thromboembolism (the clogging of arteries, etc. from heartworms or worm segments) could result causing death if measures are not taken immediately.  It is also critical that the dog is relieved of any and all excersise whatsoever as this further agitates the health-compromising condition.


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Here is an interesting thought:                                                                                      

Which came first, the heartworm or the mosquito?   See, there are 2 larvae stages that occur in a mosquito and 2 (3 technically) that will continue in a dog.  The dogs heartworms is found existing in its smallest pre-larvae stage in an already-infected dog to begin with. This stage is the microfilaria stage.   The worm will never grow any further in this dog....yet.   


A mosquito bites this dog and “sucks in” these micros along with the blood that it wanted from the dog.  Now the 1st stage micros go through 2 growing stages in the mosquito.   This process takes 12 to 16 days.  The same mosquito must happen to find another dog….any dog...yours for example, and bite the dog.   The larvae travels out of the mosquito's beak, burrows into the top level of your dogs' skin and it is at this point that this new dog will most likely be infected with the stage 3 dog heartworm larvae.  Its just a matter of whether the larvae "swim" into the bite wound.  But the first dog mentioned above still just carries the pre larvae stage only!! This explained more on the next page.


This process occurs in cats, horses, wolves, otters, etc. but the best environment has always been the canine.  The larvae now grow while beginning to travel through the dog to reach their favorite area, the heart's right ventricle.  The worms at this point become sexually capable and will begin to bear new microfilaria (pre-larvae) babies for some other mosquito to someday ingest and give to another dog.   Note however that actual heartworm symptoms in dogs do not surface in most cases for well over a year.  This is the exact step-by-step method that gets a dog infected with heartworms.


The neat question is: Which was the first dog...ever, with heartworms (or babies in him) for that first mosquito to ingest for the first time ever, and how did the infection get into that first dog to begin with then?    Hmmm. Confusing heh?


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