A Natural Heartworm Treatment or Prevention Of Canine Heartworm Disease
And/or General Intestinal Parasite Removal




The Definitive Answer To Natural Heartworm Treatment (removal) Or Basic Monthly Heartworm Prevention You Have Been Looking For IS HERE



Discover how people obtain this site's exclusive report to then utilize it's product recommendations to successfully remove heartworms safely from their pet.  All done in a safe time span utilizing natural products typically costing under $80.00 complete for a medium-sized dog.

That is nature's way. 

Natural remedy does not know or acknowledge synthetic treatment option, nor does it know how to comprehend the sense, any value, or any health benefits of its   $1,000 dollar   toxic man-made alternative



Hello fellow pet parent!  Please, I want you to pay special attention, spend some time here, and carefully read through this site (many of us lack the patience to pursue information pages we need, and rather engross ourselves with gossip sites, entertainment, celebrity doings, etc.)   

We have grown fond of habitually jumping from website to website sometimes unfocused or simply reading irrelevant news. 

This site has been painstakingly designed to save your dog from critical research time that you will otherwise spend hunting for a guaranteed, definitive, and naturally healthy resolve to his or her dilemma. 

   For the 5 minute investment of your time, the video below will cover everything this site is about and how it will produce a resolve for you, as it has been helping the beloved and cherished canine companion with heartworm removal since 2009.

This will be your last stop needed in your research on the matter! 




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 A short video sharing some severe downsides of traditional heartworm treatment/prevention and a simple solution you can use to avoid them 



Your Dog's Immunity Is At Stake - Biggest Initial Consequence Of These Monthly Pesticides In Your Dog Is Red Blood Cell Disorders Via Auto Immune System Disfunction;
overall health will decline and problems multiply from this point on..

You have found this website today because:

  • You have concluded that your dog may have heartworm infection
  • Or your pet does in-fact have heartworm infection
  • Or you simply want to remove your pet from monthly "toxic" prevention and eliminate/prevent any and all other types of parasites as well

This website will ultimately bring you to conclude that you must either:

  1. Seek conventional help with regard to your pets' heartworms (or general monthly prevention),  potentially exposing them to even more man-made chemicals.
  2. Or - join the masses of people everywhere who are beginning to realize the negatives of that traditional option, and are moving toward natural protocol and in a big way each day globally!



If your dog has heartworms, you are no doubt feeling great concern over the timeline, cost, health risks, etc. of him/her receiving such a radical treatment of heartworm.  Who wouldn't?  After all, we all want to always be able to do what is best for our beloved family member.

Many owners face this same dog heartworm-related dilemma world wide, every day.  Fortunately there are far-better answers available to us now than just traditional "toxic" canine heartworm elimination.  The time-tested and proven remedies that this site shares with you will give you the freedom of knowing you can now avoid the poisonous and costly process that otherwise may await you and your dog.


Initially, I spent hundreds of hours visiting tons of web sites, blogs, forums, social medias, etc.,  as if I were a general consumer looking for the right, concise, definitive information to help my beloved pet and in a fairly quick period of time.   I did this while simultaneously building this site for you but while possessing my knowledge of natural remedy. 

What I discovered was that a huge percentage of those hours would be lost to redundant clicks on links that seemed promising upon their initial read,  but in turn simply clicked to  either "regular" preventative medicine info., or advice on mosquito biting avoidance, or "how to find a good vet" etc..  So many clicks that were mis-leading and in actuality and very much  frustrating in the overall.   Had my dog needed the best decisions made fairly quickly, the sands of the hourglass would not have been falling in his favor. 

Update Feb 2014: I am truly amazed at the high number of natural heartworm removal-type sites and forums that are arriving on the internet. Especially in the last 3 months or so. 

There is so much mis-information that I see now that it is disturbing.  There are a handful of "natural remedy" storefronts that are beginning to surface  as well that offer simple one-line ingredient explanations and expect consumers to buy.  Products that in some cases contain ingredients that just don't quite fit for canine use overall or require complicated dosage steps to administer to your dog.

Obviously, knowing these ingredients and how they interact implicitly is the difference 

I am here with 18 years of expertise in natural remedy, 7 regarding canine online and off, to help guide you to the ones that have the absolute best and safest ingredients perfectly suited for canine use, and save you many hours of research time in the process.


This is the 1st of 3 pages that will begin to enlighten you regarding the how's and why's of holistic heartworm treatment alternatives, or mere holistic heartworm prevention thereof, and ultimately will allow you to have an alternative choice in the matter.  They are designed with the utmost of care and detail in being able to answer all of your question  as you progress through them. 

Enjoy the pages and videos as you will now begin to gain faith and understand that a real solution awaits you here.


Bookmark me for future reference, then read on;


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Just for visiting today:

Click to see a critical ingredient that will have you begin to understand how the report will help your lil' guy or gal.      Free exerpt pa

The Mission Of This Website:                                A perfectly healthy playful dog in playful position with his tail up wagging as if never having non-natural heartworm treatment at all
First and foremost is to advise the reader seeking canine heartworm treatment that there is an absolute and  natural alternative treatment, alternative holistic heartworm cure,  and ongoing alternative heartworm prevention to relieve your dog of the canine heartworms that it has potentially contracted. 
Secondly is to show this natural cure for canine heartworms is a mere fraction of traditional toxic treatment cost that can in itself exceed 700.00 to 1,100 plus dollars overall while potentially hurting or even killing the canine with heartworms being treated. Realize that traditional treatment is consistent of a type of arsenic.  A type that is designed the kill the canine heartworms, but not the dog.  Sadly it does not always turn out that way.   What we want to do is avoid spending huge money on traditional removal and eliminate dog heartworms naturally.  A natural heartworm treatment that preserves the remaining sanctity of the pet's health so that he/she can heal the immense damage done by the once-thriving parasite on his own time after they are gone.
And finally to advise that this "natural" treatment mentioned above will also serve as a simple and natural  preventative that your dog needs ongoing throughout the remainder of his/her life span.  One that will also serve as an overall  parasite preventative regarding five other worm types that the retail preventatives each only cover as many as three!  Your pet's heartworm natural treatment solution is here thus removing your pet from the typical dangers associated with heartworms.
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