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Eliminating Canine Heartworm Disease, Heartworm Treatment Cost For 2016






The financial side of canine heartworm treatment cost 2016, testing, and prevention;


Testing for a dog typically involves Antigen tests to detect the presence of adult female heartworms, and/or antibody heartworm testing that determines if your pet has been exposed to heartworms overall.  Of these heartworm tests, the antigen test is most commonly performed, and is quite accurate in dogs.  This site happens to be the only one in the world that offers a "single" heartworm home test kit  for consumers to utilize without having to buy test kits in bulk or "mail" out a sample to a lab and then have to wait for results.


" Jeff,  We are quite certain that we would have
lost our beloved family member if it were not for you!
Looking back, it was going to be impossible to pay
our vet for the chemical treatment.  Your site
has proven successful here 5 months later after
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we are so thrilled that we found
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- Connie Masterson, GA 



Treatment cost 2016 for testing generally runs about $70.00 per testing visit (or $1200 over the average life span of a dog). This figure does not include additional "wellness checks", etc. that can begin to stack up on cost rather quickly.  It is important to to note that although rare, heartworm tests performed by themselves can be inaccurate.  Inaccuracy can result  

  • if adult worms are all males (most vet kits test only for  the antigen found in the reproductive organs of the adult female worms-nearly 5% of all heartworm cases have male-only worms), 
  • if the antigen level is low when tested (the circulating antigen levels will vary throughout the day)
  • and finally if the dog's heartworm testing is performed too soon after infection.

Although rare, further heartworm tests, such as chest radiographs (x-rays), a blood profile, and an echocardiogram (an ultrasound of the heart), may be necessary to evaluate the severity of the disease. These additional tests can run your  heartworm treatment cost toward closer to $400 on national average on top of the fees for the first basic testing noted above.

The harsh reality is that consumers have been shown to spend as much as $4,000 to eliminate this parasite.  These higher fees come into play if your dog needs for example, "open heart" type physical worm removal, etc.



Choosing To Move Away From Traditional Heartworm Treatment Cost  and/or General Preventatives;  

You can't help it when your dog may get injured for example and have to visit your local vet for healing help.  However the day your family brings a new dog home you and your wallet enter into an age-old "mental-conditioning" system with regards to monthly prevention and/or Canine heartworm treatment cost.  There is a multi-billion dollar industry that has succeeded quite well in instilling this belief system in you, your parents, and grandparents etc. over the years and they want to keep it that way.  I have created this site to hopefully change your "opinion" of this seemingly necessary propaganda !!

Part of this system is one that has comfortably been forced on dog owners here in the U.S.. anyway through certain laws that specify that dogs must have a prescription from a vet  for owners to be able to obtain a heartworm preventative for dogs.  An annual wellness check in itself can run anywhere from $120 to $300 or more!  This is according to Consumer Reports for the year ending 2012.  It would be expected that these average figures will climb as the years progress.  The bigger part of the system is whereby one believes they must spend roughly 1,200 dollars per lifetime-per dog, worldwide, on the above noted prevention.  You could be barring a cost per lifetime of more like 200.00 for natural prevention!  And that includes ALL parasite infections, not just heartworm! 



Heartworm Preventative - avoiding heartworm disease cost;

There are 4 main prescription-only medications available in the U.S.. for consumers to purchase for heartworm preventative for dogs.  Based on dogs ranging from 24 to 50 lbs,  consumers will pay near $60.00 per year on average for your choice of one of two brands,  and $130.00 per year on average for your choice of one of the other two brands.   Remember you had to spend money at the vet first of all to even qualify for these prescriptions!   None of the headaches noted above will matter when you learn more about the natural alternatives, and natural heartworm disease options.  Becoming an advised consumer by reading the report offered on this website will allow you to take all the steps necessary to remove your dog from any and all:

  • Checkups, (in order to qualify for prescriptions for preventatives) 
  • Heartworm testing, including both affordable and ultra-expensive heartworm tests,
  • canine heartworm treatment cost,  
  • Heartworm prevention,

And any and all further costs associated with the above expenses !!



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